Are You ‘Wild or Mild’? – Chili’s Review

It’s no surprise to my regular blog readers that Chili’s is one of my preferred places to eat out.  With a $20 Gift Card in hand, Chili’s sent me to my local restaurant to try out their new ‘Wild or Mild’ menu items.  Here’s how Hubby’s and my delicious date night went …

Actually we were able to combine not just the new ‘Wild or Mild’ menu into our eating, but also their 2 for $20 offerings.  (How’s that for a deal?!)  We started with the Fried Cheese Appetizer.  Let me just say, the two of us loved these, they are so good dipped in the marinara sauce.

The appetizer actually comes with ‘7’ Fried Cheese Sticks – Hubby grabbed one before I could snap a picture!

For our main courses, we both chose the Crispy Chicken Crispers.  I chose the ‘Mild’ side of the menu – which includes the Crispy Chicken covered in a sweet maple BBQ Sauce.  Hubby was neither ‘Wild’ nor ‘Mild’ and just plain boring…and chose the original, lol!

Chili’s ‘Mild’ Crispy Chicken Crispers with Maple BBQ Sauce

The ‘Wild’ side of this dish has the Crispy Chicken Crispers in a honey-chipotle sauce.  That sounded incredibly yummy too, but I like my chicken sweet, so the Maple BBQ Sauce won out.  Both of us really enjoyed our meal, the Maple BBQ Sauce on the Crispy Chicken Crispers was AWESOME!  (If you’re the type of person that dips chicken fingers or nuggets in honey (like me), then you will like this.)

These meals are so huge there was no room for dessert, so sad.  Maybe next time!  As always though, we had a great dining experience at Chili’s!

In the latest edition of the Shout Out To Eat Out contest that Chili’s runs, it’s all about being ‘Wild or Mild’. 

Upload your picture and create either a wild or mild avatar and you could win a $20 Chili’s Gift Card or a trip to Las Vegas (Wild) or DisneyWorld (Mild).  Go ahead and create the wild or mild you! (I’m all over the ‘Mild’ prize for that one!)

In keeping with FTC rules,  I am disclosing that I was contacted on behalf of Chili’s, who asked for my participation in sharing this information, and have a relationship with them as they supplied a gift card for my use.

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