Apps to Find…Free Apps

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The other day I shared the Toca Kitchen Monsters app that I found to download, and then it occured to me that you might be wondering how I find free or discounted apps to download.  The iTunes App store is FULL of apps, and being able to try out apps for free or 99₵ is great.  It allows you to find developers you like so that you don’t mind paying for other apps that they make, it lets you download apps for your kids without breaking your budget and, at least in my case, it also lets me consolidate a number of things into one app where previously I may have had two or three apps to do the same things.

So I’m going to share with you two apps that I use to find discounted and free apps to download from the iTunes App store.

Appsfire – This app can be a bit difficult to navigate, but if your patient and you put in your parameters the way you want to find the kind of apps you’re interested in at the price points you’re willing to pay, it can be a gold mine.  Through this app I’ve downloaded cook books, games, photography apps, an attendance and grading app for our homeschool, an alarm clock, a grocery list app, a house hunting app…just to name some of them!  You can even set alert notices if an app you like is not quite the price you like, the Appsfire notifier will let you know when the app you chose to be alerted for has dropped in price.  There are plenty of free apps listed and others that are just on sale for a period of time.

Apps Gone Free – This app is much more streamlined in its nature and doesn’t have as many apps as Appsfire does.  The difference between the two apps is that Apps Gone Free chooses only a handful of really good quality apps that are free for 24 hours only to show you.  

Both are really good resources to find free and cheap apps.  I check Apps Gone Free on a daily basis because it’s easy to go through it and see the apps they’ve chosen.  Appsfire I check when I have free time as it’s a bit more time consuming and there are a lot of apps to wade through to find the ones you want.

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