App Review: Mibblio – Musical Story Books

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Thank you to Mibblio for promotional items received. Any opinions stated are my own.  Learn more about Mibblio at  Published by Tammy Litke.

If your young children enjoy music, you may want to check out the iOS iPad app called Mibblio.  It’s a fun introduction to some classic and new songs for ages 3-8, and your kids can participate by playing instruments and singing or reading along with the words.

The Mibblio app is free to download, and you can choose one “Mibblet” (what they call their musical story books) for free as well.  You can scroll through and view the summary of each Mibblet by clicking on the magnifying glass on each one before you choose the one you want.

There are a lot of buttons for the kids to touch in this app!

On the left they can add or mute the different instruments in the soundtrack of the Mibblet.  On the right there are buttons for the kids to play different percussion and string instruments.  The bottom rows allow them to select even more musical instrument sounds and a keyboard to play them on.  They also have the control of being able to pause the story/song at any time.

Our ‘reviewer’ chose “Superhero Vacation” as our free Mibblet, and that particular title has some pretty unconventional ‘superheroes’ in it.  The music was catchy though, and the rhyming of the story/song cute, but I just couldn’t get into superheroes with personas like Cave Woman, Zombie Man and Moldboy (although I did appreciate Professor Patriot ).

Mibblio: A Musical Book App for Kids from Mibblio on Vimeo.

Obviously every Mibblet doesn’t appeal to everyone, which is why it’s a great feature of the app that you can preview each Mibblet before downloading.  And to Mibblio’s credit when I was approached to review the app,  I was given some iTunes credit so that I could download some of the other Mibblets to try out as well.  So we did that and liked some of the other ones better, particularly the “Monkey Jamboree.”  So the Mibblet’s are definitely subject to opinion in their content, but the Mibblio app itself doesn’t lack in function.

The stories have bold illustrations and it’s fun for children to add their own sounds to the music soundtrack.

Right now there are 9 Mibblets all together to download to the Mibblio app.  As noted earlier in the review you can choose one free with download eith each additional Mibblet costing $1.99.  You can also load all the Mibblets you own on different iPad devices which is great if you have multiple ones.

If you choose to download the app, I strongly recommend checking their previews before choosing which Mibblet(s) you want, it’s a great feature that is included in the app to give you a better idea of the content of the music/story book you’ll be downloading.

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