An Amazing Pile of Ice

So I know I have some online readers who have been waiting to hear about my trip to Alaska, and some real life friends, who apparently would rather see them on my blog than come to my home and see the pictures I took (you know who you are…).

So here are some photos of the glaciers in Tracy Arm.  The footprint they leave is incredible, you can’t imagine what it’s like to see this in person, not just in a picture.  The first ones are photos my husband took with our Canon camera – it has a pretty good zoom lens, and 12.1 mega pixels.

As you can see…it was a little chilly!  Disney provided their guests with fleece blankets so that we wouldn’t get too cold while reveling in the scenery.  We were supposedly the first cruise Disney took through Tracy Arm that did not have rain that day!

These are ones I took with my Kodak Playful, which is primarily a video camera.  I didn’t get as good pictures, because of the camera’s limited range and pixels (only 5.1).

Okay the above picture was not fudged with a digital picture editor. I don’t know if you can see it, but doesn’t that white patch of snow in the mountain top look like Mickey Mouse’s glove?  I thought it was so cool, if one didn’t know any better, I thinks I found a ‘hidden Mickey’!  LOL!  When my mom said the same thing at dinner (they were on a different deck at the time than we were) – I knew I wasn’t going crazy!

I took some video while we were in the fjord too, and some when we went whale watching.  I plan on putting those clips through some multimedia software to adjust the sound and background noise and hopefully get them uploaded to my blog for you to see also.


  1. Wow! Those are some beautiful pictures and that is so neat how it really looks like Mickey is waving hello! lol!

  2. http://katklaw777 says

    Beautiful pics!!! More,more…….

  3. http://katklaw777 says

    P.S. I think the snow looks like a badminton birdie…lol

  4. Just gorgeous! I want to go there one day!!

  5. http://Donna%20K says

    I have wanted to take a cruise to Alaska.

  6. http://R%20Hicks says

    You are so lucky to have gone to see Alaska. It is on my bucket list for sure!
    Beautiful photos!

  7. What BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  8. Those photos are beautiful

  9. http://Anne says

    Those are amazing pictures!!

  10. OMG – that totally looks like Mickey's glove! Disney magic I tell ya 😉 This is on my bucket list!

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