#ad Easy Dinner Idea to Mix and Match Your Chicken Nuggets

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#ad Tyson #LoveUrNuggets

Most moms can relate to family members who often can’t agree on anything.  One wants their food to have a bit of spice to it.  The other wants it ooey gooey.  One wants it hot, the other wants it cold.  You feel like a short order cook some nights and it’s usually the times when you need an easy dinner.  Now though you can satisfy all the taste buds whether it’s for adults or a kids meal with new Tyson Cheesy Chicken Nuggets and Spicy Chicken Nuggets.  I was so excited to find both of these at a local Walmart store so that I could make a fun food evening of Mix and Match Chicken Nuggets.

Three different flavors of chicken, three different kinds of fries – because you know…that’s how we roll here at Three Different Directions!

Cheesy chicken nuggets with zesty fries, why not?!  Or how about some Spicy chicken nuggets with some cheesy fries? Spicy with Plain, Plain with Cheesy, but whichever way you choose to pair them, these new nuggets are delicious.  I’m all about the cheesy, I mean just look at those nuggets on the plate, they are just bursting with cheese.

AND made with White Meat Chicken – yes please!

What else is cheesy?  Well Chuck E. Cheese of course.  An easy lunch will make mom smile but so will saving money at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  You can get 130 Chuck E. Cheese tokens for $25 (that saves you $7.50, and the nuggets only cost about $5.00!).  The packages of Cheesy Chicken Nuggets have all the details.

And if you like your food to bite you back, the new Tyson Spicy chicken nuggets will be right up your alley.  For those of us that shy away from the spicy, a few dips in some sweet sauce or ketchup will tame it down a bit!  Mixing the spicy chicken with the plain and cheesy fries was a good match for this mild gal!  You can literally see the spices on these chicken nuggets.

I’m one of those moms that won’t make multiple meals for my family, you eat what I make or you go hungry!  And that’s why I like the new varieties Tyson is offering in their chicken nuggets, I am still able to make just one meal for my family, but we can all mix and match the flavors of nuggets we want with the kind of fries we want.  Not only is it fun to have more than one flavor to choose from – it’s a quick dinner to make on nights when we don’t have a lot of time between activities.

Polling the family on which nuggets they liked best, the cheesy chicken nuggets won hands down.  They are REALLY good.  I was thinking the different flavors would make great appetizer/finger food for our New Year’s Eve party this year too.  I might try my hand at making some ‘plain’, ‘spicy’ and ‘cheesy’ dips to mix and match for that occasion.

There will be a demo for the Cheesy Chicken Nuggets in Walmart stores the weekend of 11/15/13.  So if you’re wanting to have a taste of them before you pick up a bag, check out your local Walmart to see if they have a demo (and bring your kids, so they can try them too!).

To keep up with all the latest Tyson Chicken Nugget news and products you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Tell me how do you #LoveUrNuggets?

13 thoughts on “#ad Easy Dinner Idea to Mix and Match Your Chicken Nuggets

  1. There really are a lot of choices. I like your idea of mixing and matching. Our family never agrees on food – but I am not willing to make different meals for everyone, either.

  2. We love chicken nuggets! These make such a great meal for the grandkids when they are over!

  3. Always have a bag on hand for when my son doesn't like the grown up food we are eating. Now I can go buy "grown up" chicken nugget flavors.

  4. This is a great idea. I hate cooking multiple meals but I'm a pushover and often find myself doing it anyway. I'm always looking for dinner ideas that can be swapped around to suit everyone's needs. I'll have to check these nuggets out! #client

  5. Just give me the zesty fries and cheesy nuggets, then I'll dunk em' in hot sauce and ketchup…nom nom 🙂

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