Activity Books to Close out Summer from Gibbs Smith Publishing

If you’re anything like my family, you’ve already had a vacation canceled this year…maybe two!  But summer isn’t quite over yet and I know many families who are taking their vacation plans on the road and camping at National Parks. Maybe you are one of those families, but even if you’re not there are some great activity books from Gibbs Smith Publishing that will engage kids (and adults) on the road and at home.

Here is a brand new one based our continent’s natural treasures called Seek & Find National Parks.

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From the publisher:

Explore your world top to bottom with Seek & Find National Parks to learn what makes each one unique and to see if you can spot the recurring shapes hidden throughout the illustrations, such as bighorn sheep, American black bears, and giant sequoias.  Seek and find these animals and plants, and many more in their national park homes.  A helpful glossary provides details for further discovery.  National Parks featured include: Acadia, Banff, Crater Lake (OR), the Smoky Mountains, Thousand Islands, US Virgin Islands, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion.  (mrsp $14.99).

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How fun is that to take on a road trip to a National Park?!  Kids of all ages will be occupied finding the items as well as learn about the parks.

If you’re feeling a bit stressed and need an outlet to just decompress and relax, activity books for adults, like coloring books are a great way to release and embrace your creativity.  Gibbs Smith Publishing sent me this amazing Summer Nights Coloring Book for review in which Hanna Karlzon’s illustrations will make any artist swoon. (mrsp $14.99).

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She creates elaborately detailed images using India ink to detail pictures from her own imagination.

I mean just look at this bejeweled insect I colored from the opening page. 

And the coloring pages just get better and better from that point on. The 96-page hardbound book is beautiful without your stamp on it, just imagine what it could be when you put your pens to it.   

The paper is quite heavy.  I used Stabilo Markers to color and there really wasn’t any bleed that came through the other side (your mileage may vary with other inks though).

You can find these activity books and many more at or check your local bookseller (keep them in business right now if you can!) to see if they carry these titles.

3 thoughts on “Activity Books to Close out Summer from Gibbs Smith Publishing

  1. This looks like a really nice book and I love the way you described it. I’m also a big fan of nature and our National Parks. The coloring book looks great also!

  2. You gave me another new idea for a gift for our son! We love camping and this will be great when we are on the road visiting National Parks!

  3. Thanks for sharing these, I know a couple of people who would enjoy these. Thinking Christmas Gifts?! 🙂

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