A First Taste of Fruttare Fruit Bars!

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I wrote this review, having received samples of Fruttare, on behalf of Unilever.

Fruttare.  Have you seen these frozen fruit bars in the cases of your grocer’s freezer section yet?  

I found them at Target, and picked up a couple of boxes with some coupons I was sent.  They come in two different kinds; Fruttare Fruit and Milk Bars (Strawberry & Milk, Coconut & Milk, Banana & Milk and Peach & Milk) and Fruttare Fruit and Juice Bars (Strawberry, Orange, Mango and Lime).  Ends up I purchased them just before some friends came over to visit for the afternoon, and the girls were happy enough to try them out and share their opinions of them.

Yes, anything with sticks gives license to have a lightsaber duel.  Even Fruttare Ice Bars…

Since Amber has difficulty digesting dairy products, she tried the Mango Ice Bars.  Like me, she tends to gravitate toward tropical flavors and I was interested in hearing what she thought of them.

Texture is a big deal for my girl, and she liked the consistency of the Fruttare Mango Ice Bar.  A very Goldilocks assessment of it was given: not too hard, not too soft, it was just right.  As for taste, she was satisfied that they tasted like mangos, right through the whole bar.  Like eating a really cold, molded on a stick mango as it were. 

Megan agreed to try the Fruttare Banana & Milk Bar.  I specifically bought that flavor so my husband would try them too, he probably would have preferred the Peach & Milk flavor, but our Target didn’t have that one in stock.

Megan was taking this taste test very seriously as you can see, just like she will her college exams in fall…right Megan?!

One of the things the girls noticed right away is that the two varieties of Fruttare have different shapes.  The Fruit and Milk Bars have a more cylindrical shape to them, while the Fruit and Juice Bars look more like a traditional ice pop.

After having the Fruit and Milk Bar myself, I too was pleased with the texture.  While we ate them indoors, I can see them holding up quite well for an outside treat as well.  Firm enough to stay on the stick without melting but not too hard to chew off a chunk if that’s the way you eat your iced treats.

Both flavors were tasty, and I wouldn’t say one was better than the other.  The Mango Fruit and Juice Bars I can see reaching for to cool me down when it’s hot outside.  Probably more so because they are only 60 calories a piece, so I might be able to even justify having two of them if it’s really hot.

Because of the added milk in the other bars, they are more creamy.  The Banana and Milk Bar was very good, had a great flavor to it, and I can see it as a good substitute for a bowl of ice cream in the evening hours.

I’m quite sure that once we move to Texas, both types of Fruttare’s Ice Bars in all different flavors will find their way into my grocery cart (hey Unilever, perhaps you could sell them in bulk at Sam’s or Costco with two or three or four flavors in a box….just saying….).  A bonus to the great flavors in the Mango Fruit and Juice Bars is the 15% of your daily recommended Vitamin C.    The Fruttare Fruit and Juice Bars come in boxes of 6, and the Fruttare Fruit and Milk Bars come in boxes of 4.  Look for them in the frozen novelties section of your grocery stores.

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