A #DisneySide @ Home Celebration

My Disney story began in 1978 when my parents took our family to Disney World for Christmas.  I was only five years old, so don’t remember a lot about it (except being terribly scared on The Haunted Mansion ride!).  I knew I was engaged to be married to the perfect guy when we were discussing honeymoon options and we both decided to we wanted to go to Disney World.

That began a string of Disney being woven into our lives between trips to the World and Land, Cruises (five so far!) and personal touches in our home and relationships that all have to do with Disney.  Things like Aladdin being my very favorite animated feature and the first time my husband and I watched it together we began saying “Good Night My Handsome Prince” and “Sleep Well Princess” every night.  21 years of marriage..and we still do that!  Or the obsession our daughter had with both Buzz Lightyear and Stitch.  Oh the stories I could tell about that.

So it isn’t at all out of place for a woman like me, with an adult child, to have some friends in to have a #DisneySide @ Home Celebration.  Through Mom Select and the sponsors they have partnerships with a HUGE #DisneySide party box arrived on my doorstep with tons of goodies steeped in the Disney theme.  It was so great for all those brands to chip in and provide me and my friends with products for a fun morning at my home!  Thank you!

We kept it low key, a few games (the box everything came in was a bigger hit than the games, lol!) and I had a lot of fun making some special treats for everyone.  It just goes to show that it doesn’t take much work or preparation to have a magical day when Disney is the star.  No red carpets here or huge party planning went into the morning.  But everyone had a good time and was happy – and isn’t that what the Magic of Disney is all about?!

Mickey Mouse Jello Treats

How does your family show their #DisneySide @ Home?

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