A Cup of Jo by Sandra Balzo – Book Review

A Cup of Jo is the sixth installment of the Maggy Thorsen mystery series authored by Sandra Balzo.

After her coffee shop Uncommon Grounds, is destroyed from an act of nature, Maggy and her new partner Sarah, open the shop in a commuter train station.

On opening morning however, amid the fan fare of the train line’s first arrival, JoLynne Penn-Williams the even coordinator, is nowhere to be found.  Until the giant inflatable coffee cup tumbles from the overhead framework revealing inside a lifeless Jo.  (Hence the title of the book ‘A Cup of Jo‘).

Among the suspects are Jo’s husband, and Brookhills’ sheriff, Jake Pavlik, who also happens to be Maggy’s boyfriend.

Naturally, Maggy can’t believe she’s dating a murderer, so she does some investigating of her own.  Something she apparently become quite good at since dead bodies seem to show up everywhere she goes.

A Cup of Jo is a fun book to read, Balzo mixes mystery with fun, keeping you smirking throughout the book.  The plot progresses quickly, and when you’re done you have that feeling of wanting to stop in at Uncommon Grounds and grab ‘a cup of joe’ with the characters that have become so real.

A Cup of Jo is available for pre-order at Amazon.com for $18.45 and is due for release October 1, 2010.  The other five books in the Maggy Thorsen series are available on Amazon as well.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received an e-galley copy of the book mentioned above for free for review purposes for facilitating my honest opinion in the writing of this post.

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