6 Ways to Travel if You’re on a Tight Budget

Traveling is something that can change your life! It helps to open your eyes to new cultures, people different than you, and traditions you have never seen before. Because it is so beneficial to us and our growth as humans, it is a shame how expensive it can be. So, we have a few ideas for you to use to make travel a little more affordable for you and your tight budget. Alright, let’s get to it!

Travel on a weekday

Most times it is easiest to travel on the weekends, since those are your normal days off work. However, a great way to save some bucks, is to travel on a weekday. In many cases, flights are cheaper and so are hotels. Plus, taxis and rideshares to and from the airports won’t have their normal weekend surge pricing running. This will save you so much more than you realize! If you can swing it, it’s worth the vacation days.

Vacation in the off season

Once again, we know this isn’t always the easiest to do, but if you can pull off your vacation in the off season, you are bound to save a pretty penny. Flights are cheaper, resorts are emptier so you aren’t fighting peak pricing, and activities you want to partake in will be a more reasonable price as well. This one may be harder to accomplish, but it will be well worth the money you will save. Plus, it will help you have the best time imaginable!

Find a cheap flight

Sometimes are hard to come by, but if you are searching the right places, you are going to find a goldmine. So, don’t be afraid to let a site help you compare and find the best price out there. The money you save on the flight can help you to buy something small when you are there, have a nice meal upon your arrival, or it can help ensure you get to stay at your dream accommodation. Don’t hesitate when it comes to finding a cheap flight!

Only pack a carry-on bag

We know it is easier to just pack a checked bag and bring plenty of outfits and extras along with you, but that is where you run into an unnecessary cost. If you can fit everything you actually need into a carry-on, you will save money going to and from your trip. Plus, this will ensure that you aren’t overpacking. You will only bring the essentials and you won’t be weighed down by unnecessary items or a hefty luggage bill. For example, if you’re headed to a beach destination, you only really need a few essentials like your sunblock, swimsuit, a few casual outfits, and a pair of

Stay in alternative locations

Yes, you want to stay at a 5-star resort, everyone does. But that is a surefire way to blow your budget quickly. We recommend looking into hostels or Airbnb options in your final destination. This will save you so much, and you will be safe and secure like you would have been in a hotel/resort. Or if you are feeling extra adventurous, don’t be afraid to camp to save even more money!

Ask for help

There is no harm in asking for help when you need it. Help can come in many forms when it comes to traveling, so don’t be afraid to reach out or accept it when it is offered to you. If someone has offered to give you money, or maybe they have offered their home to you for cheaper than a hotel, take them up on that offer. Or maybe the offer is just to show you around or send you a list of things you can do while you are on your trip, accept that too. Any little bit can help when you are working with a budget!

We know that traveling while on a budget is difficult, but we also know that it isn’t impossible. Try to use the tips that work best for you, you and your bank account will be glad you did!

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