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599Fashion is a cheap online clothing store where nearly everything cost $5.99 or less.  I just got some stuff from them for me and my daughter (at no cost to myself…thank you 599Fashion!).  So let me show you what we got:

$5.99 – Beautiful Lace Detail short sleeve Jacket

599Fashion - Beautiful Lace Detail short sleeve JacketI’d consider this more of a top than a jacket, but it’s really nice.  This is a good top to dress up or down.  Matching it with Capris, jeans, a skirt, as a top or over a camisole, it works with it all.

$5.99 -Floral Print 3/4 Length Pants

599Fashion - Floral Print 3/4 Length PantsI also got these Capri jeans from them.  Again…just $5.99!  I think that’s SO affordable for a pair of Capri Jeans.  They are really good quality pants.  I was actually pretty surprised that 599Fashion is selling them for just $5.99.

$6.99 – Open Toed Wedges with Buckle Closure

599Fashion - Open Toed Wedges with Buckle ClosureAnd then there are these fabulous wedge shoes.  The shoe selection is where you’ll find prices just a bit higher than the $5.99 price tag.  $1 or $2 more is all though, and paying $6.99 or $7.99 for a decent pair of shoes is still pretty cheap.

These are so cute, I actually love them a lot.  I originally chose them for my daughter, but after seeing them, I decided to keep them for myself 😉

$5.99 – Short Dress with a Waistband

599Fashion - Short Dress with a WaistbandSo my daughter is not a girly-girl at all, and we’re attending my nephew’s wedding in a couple of weeks and she really had NOTHING to wear to it.  So she looked through 599Fashion’s site and chose this dress.

This dress has a nice stretchy fabric to it, so it’s really comfortable. It’s a lot shorter than we thought, the model on the site is wearing a small, which we ordered, and is 5’7″.  My daughter is just 5 feet, so we assumed the hem would come down a bit further on her, regardless it’s really cute on her.  And for just $5.99, it’s a great price.  You can she she’s wearing the wedge heels with it too.

$5.99 – Stylish Shrug with Dolman Sleeves

Her favorite item that she got though was this short sleeve shrug sweater.  It seems as if she is in good company liking it, because unfortunately, it’s out of stock and not currently available.She doesn’t like carrying a purse so she’s always wearing a hoodie for the pockets to hold her phone and ID.  In Texas, in summer though, hoodies are not an ideal fashion choice 😉

This shrug is so flexible for her.  She can wear it with a fancier outfit, or she can dress it down with jeans and a t-shirt like shown here.  The pockets are a good size and her phone and ID fit in them nicely.  The color too lends itself well to almost anything.599FashionSo recap – 1 dress, 1 shrug, 1 top, 1 pair of pants and a pair of wedge shoes for the grand total of = $30.95!  Go head over to 599Fashion and see what they have for you.  They have some really great buys and I was happy with everything we received.

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3 thoughts on “599Fashion.com Review

  1. I am TOTALLY going to have to check them out. You know me and my clothes and for $5.99 or less — I can totally do that.

    I love the outfits you put together. SOOO cute! I miss you!!

  2. Those are some crazy prices! I like that they have the latest and trendy fashions and lots of colorful clothing.

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