5 Challenges Faced By Job Seekers in 2023

Job hunting is exhausting. 

Whether you’re actively job-hunting , returning after a career break, or trying to juggle the hunt for a new role alongside a current position. 

There can be many external factors out of your control that impact the hunt for your next career move. Coupled with the stress it can cause, it can feel like an uphill battle, but it’s always worth it once you land your dream job. 

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These are just a few challenges you might come across as a job seeker in 2023 – and how you can deal with them.

  1. Under Qualification 

With expectations getting higher and higher, it’s not uncommon to find your ideal role only to discover that you’re underqualified. 

And in some cases, there’s little you can do about this. There’s no guarantee that if you don’t have the right qualifications that you’ll be able to pull through on sheer experience, but it is an important factor for employers during the hiring process. 

If you can, start working to build the requisite skills in your current role by asking for new tasks and different experiences. You can also to demonstrate the skills that you’re currently working on. 

  1. Overqualification 

It’s less common, but sometimes it can happen that a candidate is deemed overqualified for a role. 

If this is the case, it’s up to you to demonstrate your commitment to this role. It’s not about proving why you’re the right person for the job but why the job is right for you too. Let them know why this position is right for you, and demonstrate your commitment – employers want people who will stick around and not get bored, so show them that!  

Sites like allow you to submit a covering letter with your application, so be sure to put in the effort to demonstrate your intention and ambition. 

  1. Volume of Applicants

Many roles are seeing a flood of applicants – with some approaching three figures for a single position. 

And with so many potential candidates for each role, employers don’t want to spend all their time sifting through applications. 

But like so many other things in the digital age, there is the existence of  software which can automate the process for them. Recruitment software like is designed to filter out those who aren’t suited for the role, leaving only the cream of the crop to be narrowed down into a selection of choice candidates for interview. 

To get around systems like these, don’t skimp on the complex application process. While a length test or questionnaire might seem like a pain to complete, they’re designed to filter out the least suitable candidates, so use it as an opportunity to demonstrate that you are the best person for the job. 

Do you have some tips to share for overcoming challenges in the recruitment world? Share your comments below!

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