4 Reasons to Love an Indoor Electric Grill

Meal times should be quick and easy — and with an they can be! We love using our indoor grill — it is a staple in our kitchen. For the busy home cook, or those with limited space or no yard, it offers the taste that you love from the grill with the convenience of a small electric appliance. The other thing I like about about the electric grill, is that it gets me out of our recipe rut.

An indoor grill is really versatile and can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as appetizers and snacks — even dessert!  Begin with something simple and then throw in a surprise when you’re ready for a delicious twist.  Small appliance, big impact.

Here are 4 reasons to love an indoor electric grill.

1. Grilled Cinnamon Rolls

These are virtually fuss-free. Serve them hot from the grill drizzled with icing, or at room temperature with a side of fresh fruit.

2. Vegan Tofu Satay

Totally satisfying. Loaded with flavor and a delicious peanut dipping sauce to accompany it. It’s a protein powerhouse that’ll keep you using that indoor electric grill!

3. Crazy Good Hawaiian Steak Kabobs

It’s fast to make! Skewer some sirloin steak, add some marinated peppers and pineapple, and turn up the heat. It’s done in no time for a quick and fantastic meal.

4. Grilled Chicken Burgers

These burgers are a tasty part of a fun-filled weekend and just made for an indoor electric grill.  Eat them with black olive tapenade.  They’re gluten-free, paleo, and allergy-free, so an ideal meal to make for guests.

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3 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Love an Indoor Electric Grill

  1. I have an indoor grill, but I never thought about making Grilled cinnamon rolls. It sounds so delicious and I want to make these! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We have an indoor grill. The first time we used it it a;,most smoked us out of the house, but it doesn’t do that any more. I wonder if it was a break-in period, or if we just learned to use it right.

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