2015 Chrysler 200C – This is NOT Your Mama’s Chrysler

The one and only experience I had with a Chrysler vehicle is the one I learned to drive on.  My mom’s Chrysler Fifth Avenue.  You know back in the 80s when hood ornaments were a thing.  My mom’s was black with a maroon velvety interior and the back seat looked like huge, plush sofa.  Knowing how my dad purchases vehicles, it was most likely a luxury sedan at the time, but really for a 16-18 year old…well let’s just say my parents didn’t have to worry about me drag racing in it.

So you see my opinion of Chrysler vehicles was a bit tainted.  Not that I thought they were bad, just that they had a ‘stigma’ of being the vehicle of choice of people with teenagers and empty nesters.  GASP!  But that’s where I am in life now (oh how does that come creeping up on you? I remember driving that Fifth Avenue like it was yesterday, yesterday I tell you!).

And then this shiny beauty was delivered to my driveway one day in November.

The Chrysler 200C.

And let me tell you;  this is NOT my Mama’s Chrysler.

This model exudes sleek.  The streamlined exterior does not finish on the outside, but rather extends to the interior as well.  With premium leather-trimmed seats and high end finishes on the dashboard and console, you definitely feel like you’re in a luxury vehicle as soon as you’re seated.

Thought was put into making storage areas convenient and roomy.  The cupholders are deep enough to keep your travel mugs in place without wobbling, the glove compartment is efficiently laid out, and the center console has a pass through design at the bottom which provides yet another use of storage which in most vehicles is wasted space.

It also has a very well laid out console, and the navigation system is integrated into the view screen of the driver so they don’t have to shift their focus from the front of the vehicle to the center to see their upcoming turns.

20141111_10395920141112_082418While it takes a little getting used to not having a shift control at the wheel or a stick in the center, the rotary dial shift control is unique and takes up minimal space.  This is what’s taking you from Park to Drive with a 9-Speed 9HP48 Automatic Transmission and a 3.6 Liter V6 24-Valve VVT engine.


A little bit of a surprise was the fact that the 200C we drove is equipped with AWD.  Definitely not something I was expecting in a sedan type package on this make and model.

Driving the Chrysler 200C was pleasant, but not exceptional.  It handled nicely, had sufficient enough pickup and maneuvered well through turns and rough roadways.  The engine has good power, but it didn’t actually ‘feel’ like it did.  You almost felt like you had to put the pedal further to the floor to accelerate.

When we first got the car to drive, I honestly was intimidated by it.  There are A LOT of buttons in it when it comes to the upgraded model and it’s a bit overwhelming.  The visibility due to the window design and the B Pillar was reduced (at least for me), and we found the roof quite low which made me feel a bit claustrophobic, which is kind of humorous considering I’m only 4’9″ tall.  I did not really feel comfortable driving the 200C until the day before we had to give it back 🙂  At that point I wished we had it for a few days longer!

I went on a bit of a shopping spree one day during the time we were loaned the Chrysler 200C…as you can see it has a fair bit of trunk room 😉


A few other notable features of the model 200C we drove were:

• ParkView™ Rear Backup Camera – as you can see rather than just giving you straight lines as you back up, it dynamically curves just the way the car is turning.

20141110_162840• Keyless Enter ‘n Go™ – and kudos to Chrysler for letting new users know that to start the vehicle they have to step on the brake when depressing the start button…really you don’t even want to know how long it took us to figure that out on a previous make of vehicle we test drove…

20141111_123450• Heated Steering Wheel – Those in Northern climates will really appreciate this feature.  We had a cold snap in Texas the week we had this and it was SO nice.  That being said, the metal trim on the steering wheel remains cold, so it’s a strange sensation to have the warmth of the steering wheel except where your hand meets the metal trim, it seems a bit counterproductive to having the steering wheel heated.  (That was my husbands’ one pet peeve with the car.)

• Automatic High Beam Control – I drove this car at night on a dark road, this option was phenomenal.  The road was lit up wonderfully when needed and when oncoming vehicles were detected the high beams shut off and then resumed once the sensors read they were needed again.  In general the automatic lights are a great feature.  No more honks from other drivers if you forget to turn your headlights on at dusk, and no worries about a dead car battery if you leave your headlights on all night.

There are a good many more features that the optional equipment will give you on the Chrysler 200C including but limited to: Advanced Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot and Cross Path Detection, SiriusXM Traffic/5-Year Traffic Service, and Premium Lighting.

The Fuel Economy rates in at an average of 22 mpg, with 18 city driving and 29 highway.  As you can see from the console photo, we were averaging between 19 and 21 with almost entirely city driving.

The model shown above’s total price including destination charge comes to $38,735 and the vehicle comes with a 5 Year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty as well.

To learn more about the 2015 Chrysler 200C and to build your own online, click on the image below.