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This winter has been unusually warm, but living in South Dakota means using long scarves and gloves from November to March.  Because I have Raynaud’s and my hands get unusually cold, I usually extend that season by a month on either end!  What I really was missing though was being able to use my iTouch and iPad and keep my hands warm at the same time.

Now, you might be saying to yourself “umm…Tammy…you know they sell those winter accessories called glittens that have finger cut outs”.  Well, I know that, and I actually have a pair of those, but my fingertips are exposed that way, and those are the parts of my hands that go all numb and useless when my hands are chilled.

I chose to review these Silver Texting Gloves from Scarves.net.  They are a lot more sparkly in person than they appear on the site.  They are really warm when layered, but a little tight when both layers are on.  You can take the silver top part off and wear just the gloves, or wear just the silver layer.  I absolutely love the special fabric on the thumb, index and middle finger!  I can actually use my touch screens and keep my hands warm which is really important to my health in the cold weather.

Scarves.net obviously sells more than just scarves, but of course that is their main business.  Not just scarves for winter either, they have a great variety of scarves for warmth but also for fashion.  They even have a great tutorial page on 37 ways to tie a scarf.

I’m satisfied with the Texting Gloves I received from Scarves.net.  Their website is easy to navigate and to find what you’re looking for – you can filter by many options including color, size, material and season.


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