2 Artistic Destinations to Explore

You would make great company as we feature two interesting destinations, Denmark and the UK. These two places have made legacies in various aspects of design that have been noticed and replicated worldwide. Below are their outstanding elements that should make you want to get there and see more for yourself!

  • Denmark Libraries

artistic destinations

As cities are trying to create brands and legacies in museums, parks, shows and other forms of art, Denmark has taken a different route to get into the world map. The Danes have upheld the value of what their libraries add to their culture’s knowledge, enlightenment and discoveries.

If you visit the Silkeborg Public Library, you will find tech options that drive the library services, including booking a book via your phone. The tech designers of the library came up with a system whereby you can search for the books available through bar codes, and even make a booking by loaning. This is a prominent example of how tech should go hand in hand to fulfill the highest levels of interior design.

Alongside the tech, this library prides in classy, bar-like rounded tables that have been placed in stylish positions around the book halls. You will find other small sofa seats with white tables at various corners of the library. Moreover, the room is bright and well – lit by its big windows. This creates an environment capable of making boring books interesting!

As you travel onto Copenhagen, a library that is worth taking a good look at is the Royal Library of Denmark. The exquisite architectural design of this great building shocks many travelers that it is actually a library. Made of glass, the building design easily enables the halls to be bright enough. The hallways have beautifully designed roofs that tend to increase your enlightenment even before you get to the book halls.

The seats almost look like normal classroom seats but made of good wood with a vintage look. It would be hard to imagine that this library would lack seats at any given point since they are so many, aligned to the well arranged long tables.

  • Newport beach home designs

artistic destinations

The final stop for today would be the City of Newport Beach, among the few cities in the world blessed with seashore. Coast towns usually offer limitless possibilities for home designers to explore the art of beautifying homes. No wonder Newport Beach is a hub for home designers that are among the best in the world.

It will be a good idea to pop in a Maestrobath shop that houses the best home fixtures and design options. World class, Italian inspired bathroom sinks are among the many options that you will find at the shop. Newport Beach is celebrated for its great home re-modeling projects, thanks to such great home designers who tirelessly commit to turn normal homes into beautiful havens.

These two destinations have done well in specializing in their artistic strong points. More places should borrow a leaf from this.

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