10 Reasons Why Nursing is a Great Career

If you have a caring personality, enjoy helping others, and are struggling on what career path to take, there is one in particular that may be perfect for you – nursing. As a nurse, you will have a positive impact on the lives of your patients, helping to make a real difference.

Whether you’re after a competitive salary, job security, or flexibility, here are some of the reasons why nursing can be a highly rewarding occupation.


Make a Difference

One of the main reasons why millions of people go into nursing is to help those in need. If you don’t like the idea of working in an office and being behind a desk all day, working on a hospital floor and directly caring for patients may be better suited to you. While each day will be different, one thing that will remain the same is connecting with patients, improving their quality of life, and becoming a part of their lives. At the end of a shift, knowing you’ve made a difference can be incredibly gratifying.

Career Growth

Nursing is regarded as one of the most sought-after roles in the country. This means you’re likely to find vacancies in hospitals across states, cities, and private institutions. Also, with a high population of seniors in the United States, there’s likely to be a surge in demand for nursing services. Once you get your qualifications and become a registered nurse, there will be dozens of options on the table to pick from, allowing you to choose one that matches your career aspirations.

Work in Different Environments

While many nurses thrive working in a hospital setting, others seek something different. Once you obtain your nursing degree and develop transferable skills, you will have the qualifications to work in a broad range of work environments. These include clinics, schools, and nursing facilities for seniors. For those who are after an adventure, you may like the idea of becoming a or even working as a nurse on a cruise ship. There is also the option to care for loved ones at their home.

Respected Profession

For as long as we can remember, nurses have earned some honor amongst the population. This is because they are heavily associated with care, compassion, and comforting the sick. If you want a role where you are taken seriously and treated with respect, a career in nursing is a no-brainer. Don’t just take our word for it. Nurses have consistently ranked highly in research polls for ethical standards and honesty in various fields.

Good Pay

Understandably, when choosing a career, the pay packet is one of the biggest deciding factors. When it comes to nursing, this field offers one of the most lucrative salaries on the market. Depending on your specialty, experience, and skills, you can command a higher salary and negotiate better rates. As you climb up the ladder and move into senior roles, you can expect a six-figure salary. This enables you to enjoy an excellent quality of life, as well as lets you save for your retirement.

Accessible, Quality Training Options

Through , you can receive your Bachelor of Nursing degree in as little as 10 weeks. What’s more, you have the option to study online, meaning you don’t have to leave the front door to gain qualifications.

In general, nursing institutions and colleges provide top-notch training options for nurses. There is always something new to learn in nursing, so even once you graduate and enter the working world, there will be plenty of training programs to enroll on, which can see you move through the ranks and enter higher-paid roles.

Flexible Work Schedule

Depending on what nursing role you step into, or where you work, your shift length will fluctuate based on your needs. Therefore, if you’re not a morning person, you may have the option to work nights instead. For those who would prefer to work longer shifts over a fewer number of days, this option may be available to you too. If you have a young family, this route enables you to spend more time with your loved ones. Many nurses enjoy the flexibility of their job, which allows you to manage your personal schedule better.

Interesting Specialties

There are dozens of interesting nursing specialties to choose from. Whether you aspire to become a pediatric nurse or orthopedics catches your eye, it’s your job to look at the different roles and responsibilities of each sector to help you find the right fit. When you graduate with a nursing degree, you will be qualified for all kinds of specialties. This means if you go into a role that doesn’t suit you, you can make a switch.

Leadership Opportunities

While many nurses are satisfied with what they do, others seek managerial positions and responsibility. If this sounds like you, there is the option to climb up the ranks and go into leadership roles. Some nurses train to become a nurse educator, which gives you the platform to teach everything you know to students. If you want to work at the top of the nursing sector, you must have excellent communication skills and have confidence in your decisions.

Develop Transferable Skills

During your time in nursing school and beyond, you will develop that can help you flourish in your role. Whether it’s mastering the art of time management, listening to other people’s opinions, or being able to work well under pressure, there are all sorts of attributes that will enable you to perform your job to the best of your ability.

A nursing career involves dedicating your time to take care of the sick and those in need of your help. Not only will you inspire others, positively impacting patients’ lives will give you immense satisfaction like no other job.

Regardless of what nursing specialty you dive into, or the reasons behind going into this career, as a nurse, you can combine your talents and empathic nature to deliver the best care possible to patients across the board.

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