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We do a lot of bulk buying because of the money it saves us but now that there are just two of us at home it takes a lot longer to eat up ten pounds of beef or chicken.  Wrapping the meat up in layers of foil or plastic wrap and then again in plastic bags to freeze is time consuming.  Add to that, it still isn’t completely protected at air getting at it and before we can get at using it up, it often has freezer burn and then we have to toss it.  In which case our savings didn’t end up being savings at all.

Enter in the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer System.

You can purchase either the standard bags for the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer or rolls of the bag material to make your own bags in any size length you want.

To vacuum foods, you place the open end of the bag in the channel, close the lid so it locks in place (there is an audible clicking sound when you’ve done that, you have to push down firmly) and then press the vacuum & seal button, at which point the indicator will turn green and the sealer will start evacuating the air from the bag until all the air is gone.  Then the indicator light will switch to red when the seal is formed at the top of the bag.  The process doesn’t take long at all.

Foods that have a certain amount of liquid (like fresh meats), are a bit of a challenge, but nothing that you can’t improvise to create a good seal.  You’ll find that with the vacuuming, the liquid from the meat will move its way to the top of the bag where it is possible that the heat seal may not form completely because of the liquid.  There are a couple of ways around that, the first being to flash freeze your items and then vacuum seal them with the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer.  I also found that creating your own bag with the rolls with additional length  will also keep the juices in the bag rather than compromise the seal.  You can see the latter in the video I made below.

The continuous rolls of bag material as you can see are very convenient.  Not only do they help to keep the juices from fresh meats in the bag as the air is evacuated, but they are great for making bags long enough to seal larger portions or odd shaped foods.

Playing around with the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer System has been fun.  The rolls that have chambered pockets with perforations allow you to seal two things with one use of the sealer.   This allows for great portion control.  They are perfect for vegetables, or for single servings of freezer meals and in my case perfect for coffee beans (many of you saw that was coming, right?!).

Now when I score a great deal on coffee beans, I can seal them in these bags in just the amount I need to make however many cups I’d like.  In this case, I did each bag with enough beans to grind for eight cups.  Not only will my beans keep longer in the freezer vacuum sealed like this, the wonderful coffee aroma,  will not permeate the other food in my freezer.  Even though I love the smell of coffee in the morning, doesn’t mean I want my pork roast to smell or taste like coffee.

I like the idea of being able to vacuum seal grains like quinoa and rice, which we don’t eat a lot of.  I can just open the bag to take what we need out for a meal and then reseal it to keep it fresh.  Granted you couldn’t do that too often before there wouldn’t be enough bag left to seal on the top, but if you made your own bags from the roll the ability is there to do that.

The Ziploc® brand Vacuum Sealer System bags and the rolls are BPA free.  You can even use them in the microwave or on the stove top.  Meaning that you could freeze your garden crop of corn, beans, etc. and then cook them directly in the bags you froze them in.

I should also note that the bags and rolls are made in the USA.  I know that’s important to a lot of my readers especially when it comes to what you’re storing your food in.

I was impressed with how easy the Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Sealer is to use and when calculating how much money it will save my family it is definitely affordable.  For us the money we’ll save in not throwing away food that has gotten freezer burnt or moldy would more than make up the cost of the system itself. 

If you’re interested in purchasing and/or learning more be sure to visit to download a printable pdf coupon.

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