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YoCrunch wants to be your choice of a meal component or snack for any time of day, which is evident by all the flavors and types they offer the consumer.

My husband eats a cup of plain vanilla yogurt nearly every day. Having all these toppings to add to his yogurt was nearly overwhelming for him!

triple berry pie parfait yogurt

My favorite out of all the kinds we received to try was the Triple Berry Pie Parfait. I love the crumb crust topping, that’s separated in the dome so it doesn’t get soggy. It really makes the yogurt seem some how ‘more’ than just yogurt. The Pie Parfait variety also comes in apple and cherry flavors.

yocrunch pie parfait

yocrunch pie parfait


crumb topping

yogurt crumb topping

My daughter isn’t a huge fan of yogurt, but she really enjoyed the sweet toppings that YoCrunch has; M and M’s, Reese’s Pieces, Oreo cookies, and a new one featuring Chips Ahoy.

YoCrunch Chips Ahoy

YoCrunch Chips Ahoy

YoCrunch Chips Ahoy

For parents that are worried about those sweet additives, my take on it is, I’d rather have my daughter eat a cup of yogurt with a small amount of candy or cookies added to it, then just cookies or just candy or chocolate. It’s a little trade off, she gets her “treat” and I know that she’s getting some protein and dairy.

If you’re more of a Greek yogurt fan, YoCrunch has super fruit flavors with an added almond topping (Pomegranate, Blueberry & Acai and Raspberry & Acai). They’re great because they give you a punch of protein to get your day started, or get you out of that afternoon slump. If the 200 calories in the six ounce cup of Greek yogurt isn’t in your count for the day, they also have smaller fat free 100-calorie cups of yogurt (not including the toppings).

As a family we’ve really come to love the YoCrunch yogurt, and I know the toppings are definitely a reason to keep buying them so that my daughter will eat yogurt for a snack.  Visit YoCrunch for some Special Offer Coupons!

I was sent YoCrunch samples to review and YoCrunch provided the free coupons to give away to readers. All of the opinions and statements above are my own.

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