Wreck-It Ralph – Build Your Own Game Cabinet + Awesome Cake!!!

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Have you had a chance to see WRECK-IT RALPH in the theaters yet? My family and I saw it, and my daughter just loved it. She’s a HUGE video game lover (that’s what she’s planning on going to college for, video game design), and so she was completely enthralled with it. She actually said that Wreck-It Ralph usurped her favorite Disney animated movie, which up to now has been Mulan.

Maybe your kids still have a few days off school, and with Christmas vacation coming up there will be some extra time on their hands that you want them to keep occupied. Or if you’re like us and homeschool, this is the time of year I try and put some more ‘fun’ activities into our days.

So you’ll find below a pdf to download and print to “Build Your Own Game Cabinet”, it’s sure to be an activity that you’ll enjoy doing together as a family! 

I also wanted to share an amazing WRECK-IT RALPH inspired cake that pastry chef Ricky Webster created!

Photo Credit: The Sweeter Side (permission to share)

What a one of a kind creation! If you want to follow his awesome work, follow Ricky on Twitter @Ricky_Webster.

If you haven’t seen it already and are wanting to visit the theaters with your kids this holiday season, check out Wreck-It Ralph, it’s quite fun.

2 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph – Build Your Own Game Cabinet + Awesome Cake!!!

  1. This cake is absolutely gorgeous-Food Network worthy-I may try to make my own version!

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