Winter & Holiday Shoes by SAS Shoes

A Thank You shout out to SAS Shoes for the complimentary shoes, for the purpose of this post.  All opinions are my own.

Hello November and the introduction to the holiday parties and the get-together circuit.  And as the invitations come rolling in there also comes the age-old question… WHAT do I wear?!  Not every party on your calendar will call for glitter and sequins. A wrap party evening with your sisters or an annual Friendsgiving dinner may just require an outfit that is chic but cozy.  A cute graphic tee and jeans or that cable knit sweater with corduroys, with some coppery or rose gold accessories to play off the seasonal lighting. But what really makes the outfit?  YOUR SHOES, of course!

The days of ‘they killed my feet but I looked fab’ or ‘I choose ugly shoes because I’m practical’ are old news.  SAS Shoes handcrafted footwear is designed to be both stylish AND comfortable, and their shoes are being embraced & raved about by all ages.

A classic pair of loafers can seem a bit stuffy, but SAS Shoes Hope Loafer also has details like an elasticized topline, hand-laced stitching and a removable footbed that makes these anything but stiff and boring.

The color I chose is “Webster Wine” (an absolutely gorgeous fall color that you can wear with so much!), but you can bring out the glitz for your holiday parties with the “Multisnake Gold.”

SAS Shoes Hope loafer is $149.00.  It comes in sizes 5-12 (with 1/2 sizes) and from Narrow to Double Wide.  That’s a lot of size options, especially for those with harder to fit feet.

SAS Shoes will let you take on the holiday gatherings like a boss, when you find that at the end of the evening your feet still feel as good as they look.   SAS Shoes features everything from walking and athletic shoes to pumps, flats, sandals, and boots for women and men’s styles as well.  They handcraft their shoes from only the softest, highest quality leather.

I’m all about looking my best without having to sacrifice comfort.  SAS Shoes Hope loafer has allowed me to do just that since I’ve received them.  These shoes have been worn day and night.  To the grocery store in my jeans and to dinner out in a pencil skirt and tights.  They are one of the few pairs of shoes in my closet that I don’t want to take off as soon as I get home.  That’s saying something!  I love the details on these shoes, especially the front side gussets and the back heel area.  As someone who almost always gets blisters on her feet, the sheer comfort and ability to wear these SAS Shoes all day and not have to apply band-aids when I get home is refreshing.  

Carried in 200+ SAS Shoes stores and in retailers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Chile, Israel and England —the brand is a humble American success story, and continues to be a family-owned enterprise driven by an obsession with fit and quality.  Of course they are also available to order online, but if you happen to have an SAS Shoes store near you, consider taking part in their Operation Homefront initiative (and save yourself $10!).

Go ahead and gift yourself or a friend or family member a pair of SAS Shoes this holiday season! –

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  1. Ah that color is gorgeous! I don’t buy shoes online because I have a hard to fit foot, but I’m going to see if any stores local to me carry them.

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