What could be the cause of gurgling and slow clearing drains?

Normally your household drains should clear with no problems; it should be a quiet and quick process. If you find that the drains are taking longer than normal to clear, or you can hear a gurgling noise coming from the drains, then you should investigate to see what the problem is. Remember that it is never a good idea to just ignore a potential problem; this can just lead to issues worsening.

We are going to take a look at some issues which could cause the drains of your home to be slow to clear, or could make them gurgle. You may be able to solve the problem yourself. If you have any doubts, or are unsuccessful, you can pick up the phone and .

The main cause of a slow clearing drain

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The main thing that causes a household drain to clear at a slower pace than usual is a build-up household grease and debris. Over time, as food grease and fat, or soap remnants are swilled down the drain some of them become attached to other debris such as tiny scraps of food, dead skin or hair.

As more debris becomes trapped there is a build-up of the grime and grease. This prevents air and water from travelling freely down the pipe. As a result, water clears more slowly and a gurgling noise can often be heard. The blockage can occur in any of the or in the main drain for the entire home.

How to solve the problem

They do say that prevention is better than cure and that really is the case when it comes to a blocked drain. If you stop as much debris as possible from going down the drain in the first place it cannot possibly build-up. You can easily purchase a drain guard from the store to help with this.

If you do find you have a problem with a gurgling and slow clearing household drain there are a few things you can try. The easiest solution is to pour boiling water down the drain; obviously you should only do this if you have metal pipes and drains in your home and not plastic.

If this solution is not successful you can try using a plunger on the drain. This will often help to move the blockage, enabling the water to flow again. If you are still not successful in clearing the drain you can try which you can easily purchase. This implement helps you to reach further down the drain towards the blockage.

You can see that your best option is to try and avoid your household drains becoming blocked in the first place. If a blockage does happen you can attempt to remove it yourself. If you are unsuccessful then just give a local plumber a call and they will help you with the problem.

4 thoughts on “What could be the cause of gurgling and slow clearing drains?

  1. I hear gurgling sometimes and it takes awhile for the water to go down in one bathroom and sometimes the kitchen sink.

    I need a drain guard. Mine looks just like this. It’s disgusting!

  2. I make sure to keep my drains clean and not throw grease and food down the drain so it will not get plugged up. I think it is good to clean out the traps and I have a tool that gets out a lot of bad stuff clogging the drains.

  3. This is good info – something that many times people don’t think about until it is really clogged.

  4. Oh we get some slow moving drains from time to time, I would love get one of those drain snakes!

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