Using Historical Fiction in Your Homeschool – War Horse

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Every story and every event has more than one side. This language arts and social studies program for War Horse from scholastic printables provides lessons to help your students look at history through the lens of historical fiction.  It’s suitable curriculum for grades 8 – 12.

The young adult novel, War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo, was first published in 1982.

In our homeschool, we always find that after having read and doing lessons with text material, if there is a movie or TV show that accurately portrays what we’ve learned about, it’s a fun break from more reading and reinforces what we’ve learned.

So when you’re finished with these Scholastic lessons, you can watch DreamWorks Pictures’ WAR HORSE on DVD.

Scholastic also has some great poetry worksheets, so if you are working on that in your English or Language Arts courses you may want to check them out for some printables for that too!

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