Trailer – Liberty’s Kids: The Compete Series on DVD Today!

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Today, Mill Creek is releasing LIBERTY’S KIDS: THE COMPLETE SERIES on DVD!  This series is packed with incredible voice talent including – Whoopi Goldberg, Walter Cronkite, Kathleen Barr, Billy Crystal, Michael Douglas, Warren Buffett, Liam Neeson, and more!! Check out the trailer below.

This is a great supplement for homeschooling an American History course for elementary aged kids.  Our daughter loved watching this when it aired on TV back in the day.

14 thoughts on “Trailer – Liberty’s Kids: The Compete Series on DVD Today!

  1. My grandsons like history and cartoons so they would really enjoy this for sure

  2. I've enjoyed this series on public television. It does teach American history (mainly early colonial/Revolutionary history) in a way that might be interesting to kids. I didn't realize that the voice actors were such recognizable actor/esses.

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