Top 3 Films the Family Can Enjoy for Family Movie Night

Family movie night doesn’t have to make you cringe or worry about what might be said, that you don’t want your kids hearing. These are a few movies to consider when you want to get everyone together, and enjoy some time with the kids and your spouse.

Goonies –
An oldie, but a goodie. It is a film about adventure, featuring death defying stunts, treasure maps, and ongoing adventure throughout. If you like adventure, and something the kids will surely get into, the film is a bit older, but it is one that they are bound to enjoy, and one you can feel safe popping into the Blu-Ray player to enjoy.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids –
Another late 1980s film, but it is fun, full of adventure, mischief, and is a film the kids are bound to get into. Who wouldn’t love to see a dog that is larger than its owners, or flying bees that can take you out after you’ve shrunk yourself? When you accidentally shrink yourself and your kids to the size of dust mites, adventure is sure to follow. A fun film, and one that the kids are sure to jump right into as well.

Home –
This film from 2015 is a great adventure film the kids will love. An alien befriends a young human in search of her mother in Australia, and the fun adventures begin. Science fiction, melodrama, a and heart-felt story will bring you and the kids together. Fun comedic scenes, and a great story line are sure to make for a film that everyone can enjoy, and one which has a strong cast or characters and a strong theme behind it as well.

Regardless of age, or whether you have boys or girls at home, it doesn’t have to be that hard to . These are a few great options (new and old), everyone is bound to enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Top 3 Films the Family Can Enjoy for Family Movie Night

  1. These are really fun movies to watch with the kids. My son and daughter are so in love with Honey I shrunk the kids. Such a good classic movie that we watch over and over!

  2. I loved Honey I Shrunk the Kids, we haven’t seen the others. These are good ones to try!

  3. We are huge fans of The Goonies movie. It was always my son’s choice when he was growing up.

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