Toca Kitchen Monsters App

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When I have find myself with some free time (which isn’t often!), one of the things I really like to do is peruse the iTunes app store to find new apps to download.  While for myself, I mostly look for productivity apps, I also do look for the odd game here and there.  But when I know that I’ll be with some younger kids for a period of time, I look for some apps for them to download.  Of course in those cases it’s also nice if the apps happen to be low cost!

The other day on my quest for some new apps, I came across Toca Kitchen Monsters and after playing around with it I knew I had to share it with you all.

If your kids like to play with pretend food or like to help you in the kitchen, they’re going to love this app.  Two monsters (friendly ones of course!), have made a mess of the kitchen and now your child has to help feed them.  

They’ll choose a food from the fridge, and then they prepare it for the monster.  They can cut the food in pieces, blend it, boil it, fry it, or microwave it.  They can salt and pepper it, and then they can feed it to the monster.

But…there are some things and some ways each of the monsters don’t like when it comes to what’s on their plate.  (Maybe just like your children!)  So after some trial and error your child will figure out which foods and which ways the monsters like their food prepared.

Oh and did I mention…it’s free?!  It’s a fun way to keep your kids occupied for a little while and the price is right!

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