They Remember More Than You Think

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My sister and her family always go south for the winter. They usually go to places like Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. I admire her because when they’ve gone to these exotic locales her boys were still really little. This year they drove through our state on the way to Phoenix, Arizona. It was great fun to see my nephews because it had been so long since I had seen them last.

We went north to visit them in April. I brought my sister a hand soap I purchased for her called

“I’m Not Here, I’m Really Island Hopping”

This stuff is awesome, it’s like being on vacation when you wash your hands. It smells like coconut, lemongrass, verbena, and vanilla. All those good island scents.

Well my sister opened it up and put it in the bathroom. A few hours later my four year old nephew comes out of the bathroom and exclaims “Mommy, my hands smell like the beach!” My sister was amazed that he put the scents together with the last time they had been at the ocean, when he would have been not quite three! He said it with such drama it was really quite funny.

Our daughter remembered the color of the Tea Cup she rode in, at Disney World when she was just 2 1/2.  We didn’t have any pictures of her in it, so we just dismissed it as something she had made up.  We had gone with a cousin of mine to the parks, and asked her if she had any photos of Amber on the ride.  Sure enough she did, and guess what, Amber was right about the color.  Now it could have been a wild guess but still it makes you wonder how much they really do remember from when they are really small.

Do your little ones remember things that you are shocked they do?

1 thought on “They Remember More Than You Think

  1. Yes, my son is a genius, lol. And I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom.

    Kids are soooo smart, aren't they?

    Realizing a soap smells like the beach is pretty incredible.

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