The Ugly Truth, Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth
Jeff Kinney
Amulet Books

We’ve been following the day to day life of Greg Heffley for a while.  We know how he thinks and how he lives in a world of people who don’t make sense.  But it’s been a long time and Greg is starting to grow up.

In Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  The Ugly Truth, Greg Heffley is ready for another year of school.  Well, almost ready because he needs a new best friend since getting in a fight with Rowley.  On top of that predicament, the year so puberty are fast approaching.

Follow along with Greg in the newest chapter of his confusing world, including his Uncle Gary’s fourth wedding, ‘the talk’ with Gammie, a school lock-in, and getting a maid.  Unfortunately, he’s going to have to survive it all without Rowley along for the ride!

If you’re a fan of the Wimp Kid series, or interested in it, The Ugly Truth is a hilarious book and well worth it to read.  Each page contains a lot of laughs and you might find your spleen broken at the final pages!

Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes
Lisa Greenwald
Amulet Books

Take three best friends – Mix in an epic, school-closing blizzard – Add a dash of Valentine’s Day romance – And bake until sweet!

Olivia, Kate, and Georgia have been best friends since their families all moved into the same Brooklyn apartment building.  But lately their friendship has been strained, as confident Kate doesn’t notice much but the latest gossip, shy Georgia can’t say out loud what’s on her mind, and both Georgia and Kate are ready for Olivia to stop being an observer and start taking action – especially when it comes to the object of her megacrush.  They’re still best friends, but for how much longer?

When a blizzard turns Valentine’s Day into a snow day, the girls hatch a plan to distribute homemade fortune cookies throughout their building.  If their scheme works, it might bring a little bit of romance and happiness to their neighbors – and perhaps remind each other why they’re such good friends to begin with!

A great introduction to “Chick Lit” for early teens!

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