The Storyteller

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 Faced with having his sister taken away from his care to her abusive father, and trying hard to provide for her, 17 year old Abel Tannatak seems down right frightening to his schoolmates. Through a chance finding of six year old Micha’s doll, Anna Leeman becomes part of a fairy tale that may or may not have a happy ending.

Abel is “The Storyteller” and the fairy tale is woven to entertain Micha, but it starts becoming an analogy for what is happening in reality.

Anna may be in over head, or is that possible when you’re in love?

The Storyteller is a novel by Antonia Michaelis that was translated from German to English. I mention that because while you are reading it you’ll notice a difference in cultural perspective if you are used to reading more American type books.

This book was much different than I expected it to be. I have to say though that I quite enjoyed it, just when you think you’ve figured it out, you’re wondering if you really have. The fairy tale Abel weaves for his sister is revealing and the diamond heart she has is the true treasure he’s protecting.

The Story Teller is a book for young adults, ages 16+. It contains mature language and themes.

If you’re looking for something to read that covers a wide range of emotions and melds a fairy tale with reality, you may find it interesting.

Antonia Michaelis has also written Tiger Moon and Dragons of Darkness.

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