The Secret Life of a Fool ~ Book Give Away

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The Secret Life of a Fool: One Man’s Raw Journey from Shame to Grace. Andrew Palau. 2011. 191 pages.

“People seem to want guys like me – son of a preacher man – to have some scandalous reason for all my ‘mistakes.’ But my scandal is less of what you might expect and more like something we all deal with…”

Andrew Palau had it all. The son of international evangelist Luis Palau, he had an abundance of love growing up, with two faithful parents who were amazing role models for Andrew and his brothers, and a highly regarded church that provided a strong backbone in faith. Yet, for reasons inexplicable to everyone—Andrew included, he turned his back on it all. He turned his back on God. He spent the first half of his life living only for himself.

Until that one night in Jamaica when everything changed.

In his first book, The Secret Life of a Fool, Andrew describes his dark days of rebellion and the one moment that turned it all around.

I really liked this book. Andrew Palau is very honest in his writing. The book is easy and quick to read. For anyone who thinks they have too much shame to accept the grace of Jesus this is a good book to read. For anyone that has had shame and accepted the grace of Jesus this is a good book to read. So that’s pretty much all of us!

The Secret Life of a Fool is about the wayward son of the famous evangelist Luis Palau. It is a very inspiring book to read. Andrew Palau shares honestly of the life he was leading as a young man determined to ‘have fun’ away from the church life and faith he was raised with.

In the book you get a clear picture of the redemption and grace that Christ offers to everyone, no matter what they’ve done in the past or where they are in their struggles now.

Reading The Secret Life of a Fool, in my opinion is worthwhile of your time. I like Andrew Palau’s straight to the point narrative and his descriptions of his relationships. And I could appreciate his ‘revelation’. He’s a man who needed to discover himself, that God is a forgiving God. That there is abundant life that is free from guilt and shame. He’s a man who has discovered hope after years of trying things on his own. So there’s a message in it that I could appreciate.

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post; I was sent a media sample for review. Opinions are my own.


Three readers will win a copy of the book The Secret Life of a Fool by Andrew Palau.

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