The New Nokia Lumia 710 Windows #SmartPhone Give Away

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Now that I’ve been using the Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone for a couple of months, I’m trying to figure out how I ever functioned without one. The one thing I’m still in awe about is that if you’re wary of contract plans (like I am) you can still have this great phone through T-Mobile using a monthly pre-paid plan or pay-as-you-go.

I have been so happy with this phone and the Windows interface is so easy to use. The phone retails for $349.99 and for a limited time (April 17, 2012) on the web-only you can get it free with a contract plan. You will have to pay for the phone in full to use the no annual contract plans, but that’s the trade off for not being locked in.

I’ve written a couple of posts already on the Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone, and you can read about all the features it offers in those posts, but let me bullet point quickly what I still love about this phone now that I have used it for a longer period of time.

The 5 Megapixel Camera – taking pictures with this phone leaves you with a great experience. The pictures come out clear, and the app it works with has a lot of features, plus a smart fix.

With a few swipes of your finger and the touch of a button you can upload your pictures to Facebook and Twitter, plus you can store them on Windows SkyDrive for safe keeping, to share or to access later all right from your phone.

The Screen – the resolution on this is amazing, far better than my iTouch which is what I used for organizing my life and networking before the Nokia Lumia 710 came into my life. I haven’t put a screen protector on it, and it sits in my bag or pockets and it has yet to get a scratch on it.

The Windows Interface – I love that I can pin the things I use most, and the people I keep in touch with frequently right on my start screen. My e-mails, text messaging and Facebook ‘squares’ are clearly marked and I can see at a glance who left me a message or how many e-mails I need to respond to.  I can arrange and re-arrange them, just by holding them down and dragging and dropping them where I want them.

Options – As I’ve stated so many times, I love that this phone through T-Mobile has plenty of options for your lifestyle and budget. Only need it a few days a month….well you can actually pay by the day! Or by the minute, or get unlimited talk, text and web – with or without a contract. I like that T-Mobile recognizes that one size does not fit all. I actually use the web and text much more than the talking minutes and they have a plan that would fit that need for me, unlimited text and web with 100 minutes of talk time for just $30 for a monthly plan (this plan has select availability see the T-Mobile website for details). If I wanted to talk more I could get unlimited talk, web and text for $50 on the monthly plan. And of course that includes 4G coverage if it’s available. Once you’ve hit your monthly limit of 4G access, they don’t charge overages or cut you off, they throttle you back on the data speeds but you still have your web access it’s just slower.

If you’re looking to get a smart phone and don’t want to be locked into a plan, or want access to a 4G network (the Nokia Lumia 710 is the first Windows Phone that can access 4G ) then I recommend Nokia Lumia 710 through T-Mobile. I’m so excited to attend a blog event next month, where I’ll be able to Facebook, Tweet and share photos all from my phone while I’m there, on a reliable network with an awesome phone to do it with!

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post; Nokia sent me the phone for review and provided service. Opinions are my own.


One reader will win the Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Smart Phone (no service provided, you will have to arrange service on your own through T-Mobile when you receive the phone).

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