The Kind of Mom I Am

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April 25, 1996, the day that had a lasting effect on the rest of my life; the day I became a mom.

And the question then arose: What Kind of Mom Would I Be?

It turns out I’m the kind of mom that would end up wearing the same clothes I had on the day before because of those late night (or early morning) feedings every few hours.  The days of diva fashionista for me came to an end quickly.  But that was okay, it was far more fun to dress up that tiny little girl than myself any way.

Once our daughter could actually eat on her own, I was the kind of mom who kept a well-stocked kitchen of healthful and delicious snacks and beverages.  Okay I snuck some sugar coated cereal in there too.  While the rest of my peers were standing behind lecterns toasting corporate bigwigs, my group of tastemakers congregated in the local park, usually with sticky fingers and dirt streaked shorts.

I’m the kind of mom who warns about everything, and tries to put the fear in my daughter so she doesn’t do things like lick metal poles in winter or go down the slide head first.  But sometimes kids are obtuse, and despite the warnings of ripped tongue flesh and split foreheads they do those things anyway.

And then I’m the kind of Mom that feels so bad she gives the patient a cold treat to numb the pain!

I was the kind of mom who would only say something 5 times.  Like clean up your toys, or I will.  By the 6th time, I was beyond reasoning with.  Everything went into the trash.  All. Of. It.  Not hidden.  Not donated.  To. The. Curb.  The perk of that decision; 10 years later her stuff is ALWAYS picked up, and I only ever have to say things once.

I’m the kind of mom who would spend a small fortune buying out entire refrigerator cases.  Which I did when as a teenager our daughter’s stomach rebelled at digesting lactose.  We tried this.  We tried that.  We tried this and that.  We found Lifeway Kefir (which is now a staple in our fridge and freezer) and rejoiced.  But that’s what a mom does to ensure the health and happiness of her child.

I’m the kind of mom who is proud that her daughter defied the norm and never played with Barbies, liked pink or wanted to take ballet lessons, but rather she dressed like a pirate, slept with Buzz Lightyear and could recite the Star Wars geneology before she knew her own address.

But now that she’s officially grown up, it’s fun to sit together with some beverages and talk, plus I don’t have to carry an extra set of clothes or wet-wipes in case she happens to spill said beverage all down her front.

Still I managed to be fairly successful at this mothering gig, which is less because of what I actually did than on how resilient and forgiving my daughter has been the last 18 years.  I look back on this journey and realize there is no real ‘right’ kind of mom.  We all do it differently but we do have one thing in common.  We love our kids fiercely.  <– THAT’S The Kind of Mom I Am.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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30 thoughts on “The Kind of Mom I Am

  1. What a wonderful post! I have never tried Lifeway Kefir (not sure if I have seen it in the natural/organic stores or not), but I'll definitely have to see who carries it. I don't digest lactose well either.

  2. You have been and always will be a great mom. I am so glad my daughter picked you to be her other mother. Okay, so she picked your daughter as a friend and you were just a great perk.

  3. I've never heard of this brand before, I'll be looking for it, though. And… your daughter looks just like you. You're both beautiful!

  4. I haven't tried Lifeway Kefir either but have tried other brands. I really want to try making our own.

    Funny we use to throw out toys too when our girls were younger but got away from doing it. Wonder why we struggle with things being picked up by the younger ones. Probably should get back to it, eh? 🙂

  5. What a sweet post. You are right, we all love our kids.

    I need to check out Lifeway. My daughter is lactose intolerant also after outgrowing a dairy allergy.

  6. Rock on! I applaud that you are this kind of mom 🙂
    We haven't tried it kefir in this household thanks to allergies.

  7. I absolutely adore this post! You definitely sound like a fabulous mother and I am sure your daughter is now at the age where she appreciates everything you have done and continue to do!

  8. Don't like the regular Kefir but I'm so going to look out for these other flavors! So many great benefits for eating!

  9. What a beautiful post! And while the Kefir isn't something I've tried before my mother-in-law is always suggesting it and after reading your post I think I should probably give it a try. 🙂

  10. I love Lifeway Kefir! I haven't had it in a long time though because I try to avoid dairy and use coconut milk products instead.

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