The Fairy Hobmother and The Tutu Project

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Shifting through my e-mails the other day, I saw that I received some correspondence from The Fairy Hobmother. I opened the e-mail hesitantly and with care, because honestly I had visions of a chain letter forwarded from my mother taking my computer over. But after reading said correspondence I have to admit aloud “The Fairy Hobmother is real, and does exist” (in case anyone was really wondering about that truth). And he looks kind of like this:


Actually not really – that’s a picture from The Tutu Project (, of photographer Bob Carey who dons his pink tutu in pictures to help his wife in the fight against breast cancer. Visit his site to see how you can support this artistic endeavor, their goal is to raise $75,000 that will go directly to breast cancer organizations.

Okay now on to the REAL Fairy Hobmother. Would you be shocked to know that he looks a bit like Joshua Jackson?! It’s true for real (okay maybe just in my mind, but whatever). And he isn’t just a looker, his home base happens to be at, which means that he is handy too (bonus!), and if you’ve been a good blogger, when you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, he might even have left something in your inbox! Too bad I have to share him huh?!

Oh yeah about that sharing, the Fairy Hobmother, well he finds his way around the interwebs by comments…you know so maybe you should leave one on this post, along with your blog url…(and believe it or not he even has a social media presence he’s @Fairyhobmother on Twitter) and then maybe you too will find an e-mail from him, or a fixed dishwasher, and I’ll let you pretend he looks like someone other than Joshua Jackson if you want, because I guess Fairy Hobmother’s are about making your dreams come true.

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