Keep Cozy with The Comfy!

I received The Comfy for review purposes.  Any opinions stated are my own.

I like to support small business and I’m especially intrigued by startups that I see on sites like Kickstarter or on TV shows like Shark TankThe Comfy, a sweatshirt blanket, is one of those.sweatshirt blanket

This  company was started by a couple of single dads.  They took their prototype sweatshirt blanket to the investors on Shark Tank.  Long story short…. they made a deal with Barbara and The Comfy became a reality.

The Comfy may just be my favorite thing in the house right now.  Ask my family what kind of gift they can never go wrong with getting me and they would say: a hoodie, or a blanket, and it’s gotta be super soft.  Well that’s pretty much The Comfy all in one package.

Flip the hood up, pull your legs in, and The Comfy may be the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear.

It is SO soft.  The outside is plush and the inner lining is a cozy sherpa.

The Comfy has a giant pocket, ensuring the wearer can hold everything they need (a phone, snacks, you know the essentials!).

They are designed to be easy and care-free.  Toss your Comfy items in the wash on cold and tumble dry separately at a low temperature.  They come out like new!

The Comfy is a one size fits all product, available in a ton of colors and retails for $44.99.  There is also The Comfy Kids.  Those fit kids 5-10 (all the photos in this post are a Comfy Kid size, I’m 4’9″ and just over 100 lbs).  The Comfy Kids retails for $34.99 and right now comes in the blue shown here and also pink.  But you can $ave money!  Right now The Comfy is $5 off!

It’s not too early to be thinking of holiday shopping, The Comfy sweatshirt blanket would make a great gift for the whole family.

Visit their website and if you’re interested in joining The Comfy craze sign up to receive updates on new products, special promotions and events.  

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