The Chocolate Fix That’s Just 50 Calories

I am one of the first in my social circles to try new things, even when I don’t get them for my blog.  Because we live in a smaller city though, what’s new to me is often old news across most of the country.  I’ll see features on TV morning shows and be all “oh I have to try that!”, only to find out the rest of the country has been ‘trying that’ for months.  But this time, I’m able to get the new mini Fudgy Chocolate VitaCakes just like everyone else!  That’s right, because they’re available exclusively on the web.

Here’s the skinny on these 50 calorie treats:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that you’re getting more bang for your calories when you have a chocolate craving.

The way I see it is that I’m actually helping myself out by eating one of these.  Each one has 6g of fiber which is equivalent to about 1/4 of your daily requirement.  Of course I could eat a cup of raisins for the same amount of fiber, but if I were to eat chocolate covered raisins…that would be like 15x the amount of calories!

Oh and just in case you were wondering (because I know you were) they taste wonderful.  It’s actually kind of hard to just eat one or two. 

So if you’re looking for a chocolatey all natural treat with minimum calories and maximum nutrition new 50-calorie Fudgy Chocolate mini VitaCakes are worth checking out.

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