The Building Blocks of Education – Jungle Rangers & iFocus Deluxe

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Review by Tammie B.

My 7 year old son is a very intelligent first grader who is full of endless energy. Some might say he is hyperactive or that he has one of the ABC disorders like ADD or ADHD.  All I know is that he has a hard time being still unless it involves toys or the computer.  Since we have tried several rewards and punishments to keep him in line and medication is not an option right now, I was excited to try the Jungle Rangers computer game.  It is promoted as a “self adjusting video game that boosts brain activity and develops cognitive abilities.”  Self adjusting means it recognizes the skill level of the player and becomes easier or harder as needed. The game works to improve attention, focus and memory while having fun. 

I was surprised when the game arrived as part of the ifocus™ System Deluxe.  Along with the game was a 2 box set of books and audio CDs which explain how by just focusing on behavior, food and fitness, you can help your child become more focused, attentive and in control. We started with the game.  To see results within a few weeks it is recommended to play for at least 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.  Unfortunately we only managed 15 minutes for 3 days.  The game is a little too slow and repetitive for my son.  It was easy to download and play.  The characters explain everything and the directions are easy to follow.  The graphics are good and the sound effects are fun.  Each of the 9 games on your quest to stop the evil Dr. Bearhead from deforesting a mystical island starts off slow and gradually gets more challenging.  Stump the Jump uses repetition to help develop memory and mixes things up to make you work your mind.  My son liked this game since it was faster paced and he had to think. The game Book Crooks helps develop your attention as you wait for robogophers to pop out of tunnels. You have to keep watch because they are quick.  They do take a while to show up and after a while I was even getting distracted waiting for them to appear.  The other games follow the same ideas and although they were fun to try, they quickly became uninteresting for my fast paced son. 

As for the rest of the ifocus™ system, I found it truly helpful. It was easier listening to the audio CDs in my car on the way to work than to read the books.  Some of the expert suggestions I had heard before like cut out the Mountain Dew and pixie sticks and exercise is helpful in using up energy.  But I didn’t know just how much artificial colors and preservatives affect how a child’s brain functions. And how the first step to modifying a child’s behavior is to find out why they act the way they do.  Overall I think the system is going to be helpful for us. I have started using some of the simpler techniques and suggestions and I am seeing some success.  Along with some help from his teacher, I think we will be able to keep my son on task and out of the principal’s office.   Wish me luck and a whole lot of patience.

You can learn more about Jungle Rangers and the ifocus™ System at  An exclusive promo code you can use to purchase The ifocus System is: Rangers15.

Tammie B. received a media sample in order to do this review.  All opinons are her own.

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