#ThankfullySweet Apple Pie Waffles – It’s Okay to Have Dessert for Breakfast!

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#ThankfullySweet Apple Pie Waffles

I cannot be the only one that during the holidays has looked at what’s in the fridge and chosen to pull out a leftover piece of pie for breakfast…right?! Yummm…  The other day I used the pie for breakfast idea and took it one step further.  I deconstructed a Mrs. Smith’s Dutch Apple Pie that I purchased in the freezer section (along with some Cool Whip) at Walmart and added it to our waffle batter to make Apple Pie Waffles.

It doesn’t get more convenient than having the pies and toppings right next to each other!!

So first things first…you have to bake the pie!  Follow the instructions on the packaging, which includes putting some aluminum foil on the baking pan you place the pie on.

45-55 minutes later, this is what you have to look forward to.

Doesn’t it look delicious?  I assure you it is.  I had to tell my husband to stop eating it, because I needed some for my waffle recipe!

Assuming you have some leftovers 😉  You’ll want to use about one piece of pie for each waffle you make.  You can use less if you don’t have enough pie (or you can make a whole pie just for waffles!), you’ll just have less apples inside the waffles and less streusel on top.

#ThankfullySweet Apple Pie Waffles
serves 4

Waffle batter for four waffles
1/2 of Mrs. Smith’s Deep Dish Apple Pie, baked
Cool Whip

Mix up your favorite waffle batter recipe.  Then deconstruct your pie pieces by scraping off the streusel and setting to the side and then you’ll add the apple filling and the pie bottom to your waffle batter and fold it in completely.

Pour batter in your waffle iron and cook it as you usually would (mine took about 4 minutes each).  While your waffles are cooking, chop up your streusel so it’s in smaller pieces.

Remove your waffle from the iron, plate it and then place a big dollop of Cool Whip in the middle…because Cool Whip is the perfect complement to both pies and waffles 🙂  Then sprinkle the streusel around the top of the waffle.

As an added bonus from November 10th to December 10th, with each Cool Whip purchase, you’ll receive $1 off a Mrs. Smith’s Pie with this coupon at Coupons.com!

When using a ratio of one pie piece per one waffle, the waffle ends up being packed with apples.  They were amazing and we loved having dessert for breakfast this way!  If you love apple pie and waffles then you must try this recipe.  It’s a great use of leftover pie too.  I have a Mrs. Smith’s Cherry pie in my freezer begging to be made into waffles next week 🙂

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What are your favorite un-traditional ways to use pie? 

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