Texas Peeps! Why Are Your Refrigerators So Special?

In the countdown months of our move to Texas, we’ve started to look more seriously at houses that are on the market in the area we’ll be moving to.  In the last nine months we’ve looked here and there online, hummed and hawed about specific neighborhoods and suburbs but now that we know there’s a specific time we need to be down there, it’s become a bit more of an intense search – like, I stalk the realtor website twice daily for new listings.

A recent e-mail, had me thinking while I was perusing the latest house listings.

See this is the third home we’re selling, the first one was in Canada, and the other one was also here in South Dakota.  And even though it’s still listed in the contract as personal property that stays with the dwelling, it’s an expectation of the buyers that the kitchen appliances stay with the home, even if they’re not built in – like the refrigerator.

This doesn’t however seem to be the case in Texas.  95% of the listings we’ve looked at, don’t include the fridge.  So this is what I was thinking and what I want to know:

Texas readers: Why are your refrigerators so special?

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind getting a new fridge for my kitchen.  My current one is nearly seven years old, and if I could go back in time, I would have bought a different one (I don’t care for it much, I wish you could test drive a fridge, LOL!).

But then back to my question…I don’t get it, why does the stove stay if it’s not built in, but not the fridge?  Do you all have some sort of law that says fridges can’t be sold with the property?  Do people actually move their fridge to their new home?  Is it because fridges can be pretty expensive so they don’t want to incur the cost of buying a new fridge if they buy another house?  I just want to know, because it’s bothering me LOL!  I just find it odd.

So give me the skinny, so I don’t look like a dork asking the realtor when we go house hunting for real!