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I recently was given a chance to review TenMarks, an online math program for kids.  TenMarks is a math program that helps students refresh, learn, and master math concepts – in their own time, at their own pace.  Each child receives a personalized curriculum to help them master the concepts quickly.  4 worksheets are assigned each week, each with 10 questions.  One of the great tools that TenMarks has that I like seeing in an online program is: that hints and video lessons are available as help with step by step solutions to the concepts.  A couple of other things that I really like about the program are:

1) Parents/Teachers receive weekly reports on the students’ progress.  Plus they are notified when new worksheets are assigned, or when a student still needs to complete a worksheet.


2) The Reward Zone/Rewards TenMarks has integrated to motivate the student.  Kids can unlock games by completing their worksheets.

TenMarks offers lessons and personalized programs that cover all the core math skills and concepts your child will need in school.  With over 100 core skills per grade (TenMarks services grades 3-10), and is mapped to state standards.

Amber is currently working on high school math, and we’ve used a couple of types of curriculum over the years.  She used a traditional textbook with a DVD tutor for Algebra I, and then for Geometry and her current Algebra II studies has been using a different online math program.

Comparing the program we use currently (which we are quite happy with) with TenMarks.  There are some features on TenMarks that really stand out.

1) TenMarks is far more visually appealing.  The colors are bright.  The student’s log in page, is easily navigable and fun to look at.  While the other program we use has a visual pie chart showing the progress of the student, TenMarks has fun characters to show the progress.  Of course the games that you are able to unlock are a fun reward to finishing your schoolwork.

2) TenMarks is affordable.  We pay about double for the program we’re using now.  TenMarks is $10 a month for a subscription.

3) TenMarks can be paused if you go on vacation.  That’s a great bonus.  The program we use, well if you snooze you lose so to speak.

Where I feel TenMarks could do better is that it doesn’t seem to be quite as comprehensive as the other program we use.  While it is mapped to state standards, 4 worksheets with 10 questions, doesn’t cut it in my books as a full curriculum.  I have no idea what kids in traditional school get for math assignments in a school day, however as homeschoolers we choose have a much more rigorous workload.  I would definitely say, TenMarks is a viable, and an extremely affordable supplement to a homeschool curriculum, or for a child in a traditional school setting that requires a tutor.  You’d be looking at paying $10 per hour or more, rather than monthly.

When I asked Amber what she liked about it, she was honest in saying that she likes it better than her current online program, because it is quicker to get her work done (yeah, Mom makes her work through an hour of math each day on the other program…).  She also likes the hints, even though it dings her on her comprehension level assessment when she uses them.  She finds the videos difficult to use, because of the ‘accent’ of the speaker on them.  She has trouble understanding the ‘tutor’ and so doesn’t use them, and wishes the person would just talk in a regular voice so that they could be more helpful to her.

If you are interested in learning more about TenMarks and have your kids try it out for free, visit TenMarks.com.

Disclosure of Material Connection: “This post was written for TenMarks, who provided my family a subscription at no cost for the purpose of this post.”

2 thoughts on “TenMarks – Online Math Program

  1. I personally have some issues with TenMarks as well. It isn't comprehensive as much as I would like to see by giving more work on one concept before moving on to a new one. My older kids didn't like this one as well as the other one we use called Aleks. Aleks is more comprehensive but not as colorful nor do they give good examples nor do they give video hints. I just wish someone would come up with a program that offers what both programs offer differently. That would be sensational! If you have another program that you think my homeschooled family would like, please email me with any information you would have. I have canceled my enrollment for the 8th grader and the one taking Geometry. However, I have left the 4th grader in the program.

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