3 Types of Travelers Who Should Book Israel Tour Guides

Many people are becoming more interested in traveling these days, thanks to airlines offering discounted seats as well as the popularity of many travel blogs that provide valuable tips when visiting certain places. Travel even becomes cheaper for some people when they plan their own itinerary, scheduling and budgeting by doing their research online. It’s […]

Things To Look Out For When Selecting a Tour Guide

When you book a vacation, at a certain place that you are not fully familiar with, you are likely to consider having a tour guide to help you around the new location. Trying to learn your way around a city or town, you have never been before, and learning the new cultures can be a […]

Traveling Tips for Students on Holiday

According to peak performance student travel, some of the most preferred destinations for students include Orlando, Washington DC, Boston and Nashville. However, Europe offers a lot of what many of these cities offer, and so much more, and for those interested in seeing how the other side lives, might be a good travel option during […]

JustFly’s Guide To Surviving Your Canadian Winter Vacation

You hear the word Canada and a few images pop into your head. Hockey, courtesy, and, presumably, endless winter. While it isn’t a total winter graveyard, Canada can have some difficult weather depending on where you are visiting. Out west, cities like Vancouver, British Columbia seldom actually see snowy weather, remaining temperate year round. On […]

Want to Pay Less for Airport Parking? Why you should consider more than Price

Preparing for any type of trip requires you to make numerous decisions. Many of these decisions are influenced by cost. Everyone wants to get the best deals and get value for their money. For travelers, airport parking decisions are often determined by price. If you are on a tight budget or conscious of your travel expenses, you are […]

Montreal: Four Things You Can’t Miss According To JustFly

Montreal, Quebec is a truly unique city within a Canadian cultural landscape. Taking a little bit of English Canadian culture with its French Canadian foundation, Montreal has a case to be one of the more culturally interesting cities in North America due to its long and storied history as one of the oldest cities on […]

Travel Safety & Security Tips from the Live Secure Safety Squad + Giveaway

Three Different Directions was compensated for writing this post as part of Master Lock’s Live Secure Safety Squad.   All opinions are those of the writer. Having traveled around the world from luxury accommodations in Switzerland to make shift cabins in Africa,  I’ve picked up a number of traveling tips in my years.  In my younger years I […]

What You Need to Know If You Are Traveling to the Subtropical Parts of the World

When you think about traveling, you get all excited about the adventure ahead. In most cases, your health never comes into any planning part of your travel details. Not to be a devil’s advocate, but it’s important to learn about some diseases that are prevalent in some areas. Dengue fever is very common in the […]

FlightHub finds you The Gems of a Hidden Europe

Whether it’s your first time to visit the Old World or your hundredth, Europe never ceases to amaze you which is why FlightHub Review has compiled a list of hidden gems that every traveler going to Europe should see at least once. FlightHub recommends beginning your European adventure in the United Kingdom. As the closest […]

Brazil for Foodies: FlightHub’s ultimate guide of eating your way through Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in South America and as such its geography is large and filled with diverse cultures, regions and landscapes. Due to its size, this also means that Brazil’s food is a culinary delight for food enthusiasts! FlightHub Review has compiled a must-try list of all the best foods and […]