Peanut Butter Steel Cut Oats with Fruit – gold emblem abound™

gold emblem abound peanut butter steel cut oats with fruitIn the last few months both my husband and I have a had some awakening moments when it has come to our health.  Since heart disease runs in his family we should have been more deliberate in a lot of our food choices…but haven’t been.  After I went and had a well checkup (which had been about 4 years since my last one, gulp!) and found out my cholesterol levels were creeping up, I KNEW we had to be more conscious of what we are eating.

Christmas Morning Breakfast Idea: Eggs in a Nest

Christmas morning is almost here!  I don’t know about you but by the time that morning rolls around I’m a little tired of all the cooking and baking 🙂  So I put my husband in charge of Christmas morning breakfast.  I mean I help a little by providing him leftover potatoes, but other than that, I sit back, relax and enjoy the Santa Claus parade on TV and let him sweat over the stove top that morning!

My husband doesn’t cook much at all, but making eggs – that he’s really good at.  Every Saturday morning when he was younger, he took the leftover potatoes from dinner earlier in the week and made his own fried hashbrowns and then broke an egg over them which he then covered and steam cooked.

#ThankfullySweet Apple Pie Waffles – It’s Okay to Have Dessert for Breakfast!

#ThankfullySweet Apple Pie Waffles

I cannot be the only one that during the holidays has looked at what’s in the fridge and chosen to pull out a leftover piece of pie for breakfast…right?! Yummm…  The other day I used the pie for breakfast idea and took it one step further.  I deconstructed a Mrs. Smith’s Dutch Apple Pie that I purchased in the freezer section (along with some Cool Whip) at Walmart and added it to our waffle batter to make Apple Pie Waffles.

Breakfast Makes Cents at Market Street – Recipes for Cereal & Yogurt

Faux Lemon MeringueThe average cost of lattes for a week could buy you a month of breakfast choices at home. Starting today until the end of September, Market Street is featuring a special selection of breakfast items in their weekly ads, all designed to help you create a quick, easy, nutritious breakfast at home and save.  Savings on cereal, biscuits and yogurt will be a part of the event, and I’ve got a couple of recipes below that you can make with the items you purchase and saved on!

Gluten-Free Breakfast Quinoa with Vanilla Cream

Gluten-Free Breakfast Quinoa with Vanilla CreamWhile we don’t primarily eat gluten-free we have plenty of friends who do.  It’s usually not too much of an issue to plan snacks or desserts around them when we entertain, but meals are a whole other matter.  I had full intentions of making this breakfast for my friend when she was here last week, but time got away from us and I never did 🙁  It’s extremely tasty and well worth making even if you don’t eat gluten-free.

The Perfect Cookbook for Mother’s Day, Barbecues and Beyond: The Greek Yogurt Kitchen

Greek yogurt is one of today’s most versatile ingredients.  In her book, Toby shows how it can be used as a healthy replacement in classic family recipes and sweet tooth favorites.  She also includes tips about what to look for when buying Greek yogurt, as well as its numerous health benefits.

Strawberry Purée Batter for French Toast & Pancakes

strawberry puree batter pancakesIf you remember last week I bought a bunch of strawberries at the grocery store.  So besides the Strawberry Banana ‘Soup‘ I made, I was busy finding other uses for all these strawberries.  I ended up doing something quite simple by puréeing some of the strawberries and adding it to pancake mix for a light but fruity flavor.  It is sure to please both adult and kids alike.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Snowman Waffle Pops #FROZENFun

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? #shopAre you as excited as my daughter is about the release of the Disney movie FROZEN on DVD on Tuesday, March 18th?  And I’m excited about the price rollback of the DVD at Walmart from $16.96 to $14.96.  Even better…if you pick up some specially marked 24 ct. boxes of Eggo Waffles there’s a $5.00 coupon on it for the FROZEN DVD as well.  Waffles and a movie…that’s some affordable entertainment right there folks!

Apple-Quinoa Breakfast Bake

I have a bag of quinoa sitting on my pantry shelf that I’ve been reluctant to use.  I bought it for a couple of recipes that I tried and loved, but the rest of my family is very wary of this super-grain.  Perhaps it’s because of its static-y properties of sticking to everything it touches before it’s cooked.  Or maybe it’s the translucency it takes on after it’s cooked.  More likely it’s the fact that they can’t pronounce or spell it.

Stuffed French Toast

Stuffed French ToastWhen we were traveling last week we had breakfast at a local restaurant that had so many breakfast choices it was unbelievable.  I settled on a French Toast platter that had a praline sauce on top.  There were so many other indulgent offerings on the menu though that I was inspired to make something equally yummy at home.  It’s really quiet simple and delicious.