Switched on Schoolhouse Series: Introduction

In the past few years that we have been homeschooling, for a lot of our subjects I have taken a bit of this and a bit of that from different resources to make up our curriculum.  Now that Amber is officially in high school though and I need to keep a transcript, I wanted a curriculum that would be easier for me to keep track of grades and know that she is covering all the basics that need to be.

That in itself is not a terribly difficult thing to find, but Amber decided she would much rather do her school work on the computer than using text books or work books.  Now our options become much more limited. 

Switched On Schoolhouse (Alpha Omega Publishers) is a complete curriculum, allowing the student to do all of their studies on the computer.    The curriculum is CD-Rom based and can be run off the discs with minimal installation or the entire program can be fully loaded onto your hard drive.  The curriculum is available for grades 3 through 12 in the core subjects, Bible and electives, all presented with a Christian world view.

Throughout the next year I will be sharing with you a couple of times a month on our experiences with Switched On Schoolhouse.  Amber will be using their 9th grade Language Arts (English I), Family & Consumer Sciences and American Literature courses this school year.  I’ll let you know what we think of it from both the teacher and student point of view, the curriculum, how functional it is, and other thoughts we have about it.

All of my posts will be tagged in the Homeschool category and its own category Switched On Schoolhouse.  So if you want to refer to the posts that’s how you can find them.

You’ll also see in my side bar that there is a special offer to my readers.  Any of my readers who purchase Switched On Schoolhouse software through that link and use the keycode, will receive a 12% savings.

Since we travel quite a bit I’m excited to add this to our schooling.  Now we don’t have to drag text books or photocopies with us when we go away.  And Amber loves to use the computer, she is a techie at heart, and hands on multi-media resources are how she learns best.

So if you’re looking at introducing a new curriculum into your homeschool or don’t homeschool yet but are researching your options, I hope you continue to follow my Switched On Schoolhouse series this year.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION:  I wrote this post as part of a review series on behalf of Alpha Omega Publishers.  I received 3 free curriculum subjects to use to facilitate my posts.

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