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A lot of people’s holiday shopping lists get larger and more expensive each year.  My husband always only asks for one thing – Chocolate.  To be more precise…Dark Chocolate.  I think he would be thrilled with a delicious dark chocolate gift set from sweetriot, a small mission-based company in NYC which strives to build tasty little morsels for a different generation.

sweetriot’s riotBar 70% Quirky Quinoa comes in packs of twelve riotBars.

Best known for their original, all-natural treats made from the actual cacao fruit, sweetriot sources all of its fair trade chocolate in Latin America and organizes “sweet riots” to promote peace and raise awareness about this delicious and healthy cacao treat! By using only all-natural cacao, sweetriot is changing the way consumers think about and eat their chocolate. They utilize fair trade certified ingredients, are the first and only chocolate company to offset all of its carbon emissions, and its recyclable, limited edition packaging features original artwork by emerging artists.

The 70% Quirky Quinoa is available at http://shop.sweetriot.com. The 12 pack retails for $47.88.  Pull out a couple of bars for a simple holiday gift for teachers, co-workers or something to keep around the house for unexpected guests you don’t have a gift for.

I know many of you have plans to get serious about losing weight come the new year.  But chocolate doesn’t have to be a temptation, you can still lose weight and get your ‘treat’ in also.  sweetriot’s yummy low-calorie treats contains just 21-22 calories per square – perfect for portion control. 

So if you don’t get the chocolate you want for Christmas head over to sweetriot and get yourself a Happy New Year gift!

-antioxidant packed -kosher -vegan -no gluten ingredients -no dairy ingredients

Disclosure: Sweetriot chocolate provided samples as a thank you for sharing them with you in my holiday gift guide.

20 thoughts on “sweetriot Dark Chocolate – Gift Guide Pick

  1. I haven't heard of this chocolate before! Nice to know that you can get your chocolate fix without the guilt!

  2. The only thing I love more than dark chocolate, is healthier, more natural dark chocolate. I will be on the hunt for these at my local market soon!

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