Summer Sports Dental Injuries

Approximately 8,000 children are treated at emergency rooms each day for sports-related injuries.  We often think of broken arms or concussions when we hear statistics like that, but it also includes teeth.  Jefferson Dental Clinics has a few tips and a great infographic for you to find out more facts about Summer Sports Dental Injuries.  (Click on the infographic to see it larger!)

  • In case of an accidental tooth loss, keep calm and place the tooth in a glass of milk, then hurry to the dentist.
  • Children (particularly those who participate in sports) should begin seeing a dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts, to make sure they are developing properly.
  • Healthy habits run in the family! Parents that model good dental hygiene habits pass them along to their kids.

Summer Sports Dental Injuries

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  1. I wonder what injuries my son could get from his computer? So far all his teeth have stayed in.

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