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This is an ad for Statement Peace wood jewelry

Statement Peace is a HIGH vibration wooden jewelry line that is made from peace and love. From the seed that first lays its roots in the ground and sprouts to see the sun for the first time, each tree has a journey that begins. Each tree has a past, a present, and a future.

They consider each piece of jewelry to be a work of art that offers the kind of uniqueness the world has been seeking. They convey this by including a custom designed wooden display stand with each piece purchased.

Statement Peace is who they are. Admire it, wear it is their brand motto. 

Whether a gift for yourself or someone else, the sentiment will always remain.

Their goal is to inspire a person to wear something that is unique, exciting and what is truly, a Statement Peace.

For me this is the word ‘free’ and the statement ‘live free’.  For some it might have other meanings but for me freedom is understanding who I am, who God is, and what I was created to do. With that knowledge I am free and I can live free.  It is something that I have really grown to understand this past year from our church’s teaching team and our small group and the words ‘free’ and ‘live free’ truly are a Statement Peace for me (and I do mean Peace and not just piece 😉 ). I plan to embrace ‘free’ as my word of the year for 2019, so I love that I can admire and wear something so meaningful to me.  And not just wear it for myself but also to share with others when they ask what my necklace means to me.  

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And Statement Peace gives back as well. They have partnered with One Tree Planted. For every piece of Statement Peace wood jewelry sold, they will plant one tree.

Statement Peace has a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings for MEN & WOMEN. From your yoga lover to your outdoor enthusiast…From your inspirational friend to your surfer buddyStatement Peace has a gift for everyone on your list.

Statement Peace also features their the Essence Collection; aromatherapy necklace diffusers.  A great gift for a friend, sister, teacher, yoga enthusiast, secret Santa, or anyone on your list who would love a little aromatherapy and a beautiful piece of hand-crafted wood jewelry.

Statement Peace designs, creates and hand produces all of their “pieces of peace” in their South West Florida studio.  So if you are looking to support American businesses this holiday season, here is one for you.

Their love for wood is their epicenter and they invite you on their journey. For more information and to see the full line of Statement Peace, please visit:

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