#SoFabCon – I WANNA GO!

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The conference bug has hit me…and I haven’t even left for my first one yet!!! It’s like EVERYONE has one – and which one do you go to? I originally chose Blissdom to be my first conference because I thought we’d live in the DFW area by next week….sigh…but here we are still waiting for our home to sell. And let me tell you, airfare is wicked expensive in our podunk city to fly anywhere. But enough of that I’m here to blog about the next conference I want to attend and that’s the 


Yep, Social Fabric/Collective Bias is doing their first conference this year, in their home state of Arkansas. (5 hour drive from DFW by the way – too long to drive from South Dakota…. but I digress.) AND I WANNA GO. 

I want to go for a number of reasons. 

The first one honestly is to meet all the extraordinary campaign leaders I’ve had a chance to work with over the past couple of years. There’s just something about meeting people that you’ve come to know just through your computer monitor. It’s like they have finally emerged from the Flat Stanley state of your disc drive, and meeting them face to face – well that would be wonderful! 

To be frank, Social Fabric is a community that strives to help. The members strive to collaborate, cheer each other on and work together to succeed. What’s not to like about that? Imagine being in a room learning with all that inspiration and energy going on at once…Wowzers! I’m giddy just thinking about it. 

If you’ve noticed the photos on my blog getting better…Social Fabric is the reason for it. Really it is. No one has ever said “Gosh Tammy, your photos suck,” (because well they’re all too nice and polite for that) – what they do in the #Cbias community is give constructive criticism without embarrassing, or belittling anyone. In turn that encourages everyone to ‘step it up a notch’, to ask questions, to take advice and to learn. I mean this is a photo from one of my first Social Fabric campaigns…

So small, so lackluster, so amazing they ever picked me for another shop! 

And this is what my photos have evolved into 2 years later thanks to Social Fabric

Bigger, better composition, and yet …still so much to learn! I’ve recently upgraded my camera in order to take even better photos, because if Social Fabric has taught me anything, it’s that you draw people in with pictures. 

So here’s the thing….I’m ALWAYS up for learning. Learning about networking, learning about photography, learning about branding, learning about social media. And I’m also up for fun, and if the forums on Social Fabric are any indication of what kind of party it’s going to be like at #SoFabCon; I WANNA GO! 

I’m not naïve enough to think that attending a blog conference or two is going to wave a magic wand over my blog and make me an internet sensation. But I am smart enough to know that being surrounded by those that are there to help you succeed in a mutual manner, is something that can carry you toward achieving that goal in the future. I think that after attending #SoFabCon, I’ll be better equipped to write effectively, present my brand noticeably and make lifelong friends that get this whole “blogging” thing that sometimes consumes me . 

Plain and simple I #LuvSoFab. (Insert big puffy heart here.) They appreciate their community, they treat their community professionally, and (hey I’m going to be honest here) they give me work. What’s not to love? 

Will you be at #SoFabCon? I’m crossing my fingers, and my toes (I wish I was double jointed!) that I’ll get chosen for a sponsorship to attend the first ever #SoFabCon! 

*I wrote this post as an entry to win a sponsorship to attend #SoFabCon #Cbias.

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