Six Funky Floss Flavors

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I’m all about oral health care and take really good care of my teeth.  When we were in Texas in October we came across these very funky floss flavors in a store – I had to take pictures of them!

MONKEY FLOSS (Banana Flavored) – Recommended by 4 out of 5 Monkey Dentists 🙂  Maybe your little monkeys might actually floss with this stuff?!


PICKLE FLOSS – For the pregnant mama perhaps when she has a certain craving?

SALAD FLOSS – for those counting their calories I guess?

CUPCAKE FLOSS – That sounds like a sweet way to floss!

BACON FLOSS – Because everything really does taste better when it’s bacon flavored.

This last one I actually just found online, it wasn’t in the store we found the other ones in, but just in case you didn’t eat enough Turkey today….

CRANBERRY FLOSS – it can feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas all year long.

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