ShopperIncite Coupon Book

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Who doesn’t love coupons? I know I do.  Coupons keep more money in your pocket and let you stretch hard earned dollars to fit your budget and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But I’ll admit they can also be a hassle.  You have to spend time clipping and collecting them and you have to remember to use them before they expire.  It can be a lot of work.

That’s why the folks at ShopperIncite are giving away their Shopping Planner™ for New Moms – FREE – it’s filled with great coupons and offers new moms can use, all in one convenient place.

And it’s small enough to take with you anywhere, so no more clipping!

But it’s really more than just a coupon book. It’s also a meal planner, a shopping list, and is filled with daily doses of tips, tricks and easy-to-make recipes.

If you are a new mom or know a new mom and would love this little book…it’s FREE and easy to sign up to receive one.

 So sign up using the form above and start saving!

Are you a new mom or do you know a new mom that could benefit from the Life Moments Shopping Planner for New Moms?

* I received a small gift as a thank you for sharing this information with you.

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