She Is So Not a Fashionista

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My daughter dislikes shopping.  A. Lot.  She doesn’t like trying things on in changing rooms, she doesn’t like waiting in line.

Therefore I spend a great deal of time shopping for her, either in the store or online.  She is so not a fashionista.  If she could wear sweat pants and a graphic tee all day every day, that would be her outfit of choice. 

So I’ve been trying to encourage her to ‘improve’ on her fashion choices.  Not to squash her individuality, but rather focusing on the fact that it’s unlikely that she’ll have a career that will allow her to wear sweat pants to work.  With college on the horizon in one year, and interviews coming with that and internships and jobs, I have her joining me, at least online, looking for designers and clothing that she will agree to wear. 

One of the sites I looked at is Cavells, and they have a nice range of J Brand jeans.  I figured before I spring a business suit on her, I can compromise and get some dressier dark denims.

She’s not one to jump ahead to the latest trends, so I want to get her something that will last a couple of years.  Then she can ‘break’ them in, and hopefully they will be as comfy to her as sweat pants, but still hopfeully be considered business casual so that she can dress it up with a shirt or sweater for an interview.  Up until now I’ve always been thankful that she hasn’t been a fashion diva, but she definitely needs to add a few new things to her clothing repetoire.

What kind of styles do your kids like to wear?  Are they into the latest fashions and designers?  Are they mall rats?  Are they happy with department store clothes?  Would they live in pajamas or sweat pants too if you let them?

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