Sewing for Valentine’s Day

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I loved home economics in school, it was where I learned to sew and I did a lot of sewing for a long time.  When my husband and I got married, my mother-in-law gave me money to purchase a sewing machine. 

For many years, sewing brought out my creativity and I made some really fun things. 

The first thing I made was some appliquéd pillows for my nephew’s room.  From that point on I had the bug, and sewed whenever I had the time and money.  In high school, I started sewing my own clothes and made pajamas, pants, sweatshirts.  Later, it became dresses for my daughter.  But as the years passed, time got in the way and the sewing machine collected dust except for the hemming that I have to do for my pants and sleeves.

But inspiration struck again when I came across machine embroidery designs.  I couldn’t help but become enthralled with all the cute things I could make with those and with young nieces and nephews to sew for again my sewing machine came back out.

I know you can buy cute, embellished shirts and onesies in the store.  But it’s so much more satisfying to create something and know that you made it.

I also think that those items become more sentimental to the people receiving them.  I know that I view them not just as clothing but as keepsakes.  So today I went to look for some Valentine’s Day designs. 

What do you think of these?


My eyes were instantly drawn to the Eiffel Tower one, probably because I love traveling and Paris is such a romantic city, perfect for Valentine’s Day!  There are so many nice designs on DigiStiches that I can’t decide which ones to choose.  I need some help folks!

Let me know which one you like.

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